12 Best Hotel Bars in New York City


The Lobby is a luxurious, dimly lit, and sophisticated option in an unassuming part of the Brooklyn borough. This is Ace’s first property in Brooklyn, and she settled in Boerum Hill, a neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets and historic brick and brownstone townhouses near downtown. city. The New York Times said the area reminded them of a village, except it’s tucked away in the city. Conde Nast Traveler note the location’s garden with lots of natural light, an abundance of library-like workspaces, and a happy hour.

The lobby is an aptly appointed and spacious bar for aperitifs to drop by before another dinner reservation or even as a main event. Plush seating, large sofas, and furniture reminiscent of mid-century modern style are available for anyone who prefers a comfortable alternative to a seat at the bar. The cocktail program is also social media ready. The simple hotel bar menu, including sliders, brussels sprouts, and baked brie, is a familiar take on bar food. The beer list is curated to include local beers – the non-alcoholic beer made in Connecticut is close enough in taste to a traditional beer to be worth a try. Live music only adds to the appeal of the neighborhood-focused bar. A full calendar of events includes everything from exhibits and a film series to book readings and a pop-up tattoo parlour. This is Brooklyn, after all.


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