15 Best Chicago Restaurants and Bars to Celebrate Halloween


While the name Dandy Crown conjures up images of a typical British pub, this place isn’t so typical, especially in October when it opens the pop-up known as black lagoon. Although most bars Halloween Eventssuch as quiz nights and pumpkin carving, have already taken place this year on Wednesday 26e, he’s hosting an Emo Night because nothing is more terrifying than reliving your cringiest high school moments (it’s also a chance to break out the black eyeliner a few days early). Additionally, the Black Lagoon stays open until 11:30 p.m. on Halloween night.

The Black Lagoon’s food and drink menus feature all sorts of spooky specialties. To start, why not enjoy a sacrificial lamb tartare or a tasty dip of dead fish? (It’s not like a fish made from live fish would be any less scary.) On the main menu are squid (ink) game dumplings filled with chicken and kimchi, Black Soul bacon with sautéed greens and Pollo of the Dead, the sandwich that ends the chicken wars by burying the competition (literally). Cocktails include Blood Rave with mezcal, falernum, beet juice, lemon, anisette and bitters; the Nightwish with vodka, sherry, banana liqueur, lemon and cardamom bitters; and the Screaming Banshee with gin, apricot liqueur, pineapple syrup, lime, yogurt, soda and bitters; Additionally, there are several non-alcoholic drink options, including the Satanic Panic made with ritual “tequila”, pineapple, falernum, and lime.


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