15 Best New York Restaurants and Bars to Celebrate Halloween 2022


You know Slate disappointment. We know it. Even regulars know it. Hear us out: the reliable level of obnoxious here is, for one night, the draw. The thing is, there’s no shortage of disappointing places promising New York the hottest Halloween party this night of the year. And there’s no shortage of fraternity playgrounds that make most of their money scamming this town’s fleece vests. If you’re bar hopping, chances are you want to avoid disappointing places and frat hubs, so why not take the initiative and tell your friends to meet you at the sports bar but not sports c is at least one real playground?

To be clear, we are not suggesting that you intention to visit Slate Thriller night. We say you should keep it in your pocket for the inevitable moment of figuring out your next move, because $18 is zero risk for a Halloween party cover charge. Sometimes you just want a crowd of costumed people hanging out with strangers, and if there ever was a night for a soulless bar, it’s when souls leave the undead anyway. You won’t meet Mr. Right, but you might meet Mr. Hyde. And you know something? At least Slate try. There are worse places to end up than a watered down Fat Cat with a slide. Without a plan, you might end up at Tonic… only to realize that Tonic has closed during the pandemic. Scary!


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