2 suspects arrested, 1 wanted in chaotic brawl over chocolate bars at Hooters in Plano


Plano police say a metal pipe was used to beat a manager at a Hooters restaurant, breaking his arm and causing a concussion.

Today, two of the seven suspects in last week’s violent attack are in custody.

Plano police say 19-year-old Jeremiah Powell and 20-year-old Tony Marshall, both of Fort Worth, were arrested Monday and held in the Collin County Detention Center.

The third suspect, 19-year-old Jay Powell of Fort Worth, remains at large. He is Jeremy’s twin brother.

The four minors involved in the attack could also face charges.

The attack happened earlier this month after two kids tried to sell chocolate bars inside Hooters in Planopolice said.

Plano police said they have been in contact with multiple police departments regarding the group of individuals causing disputes at other North Texas restaurants.

Police also say they’ve been to that specific Hooters before. But this time it got violent.

Plano police have now identified the three men they say are seen in a now-viral video violently attacking a Hooters manager and a customer on October 6.

The manager stuck in the corner suffered a broken arm and a concussion. The client was taken to hospital with head trauma.

“We had a vehicle to search for and we got tips from the community,” Plano Police Officer Jennifer Chapman said.

Jeremiah was charged with assault causing bodily harm and participating in a riot. His bail was set at $60,000.

Marshall’s bond is higher at $160,000. He is charged with assault causing bodily harm, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and other charges are possible.

The police are still looking for Jeremiah’s twin brother. Once arrested, police said Jay would be charged with aggravated assault.

“Two out of three is fine. But we want people to know that there are consequences to this story. Everyone who participated needs consequences,” Chapman said.

The attack happened after a group of children selling chocolate bars were kicked out of the Hooters off Central Expressway and East Plano Parkway.

Investigators say the miners got angry that no one gave them money. A client helped the director escort the children. It was then that police said the three adult males exited a vehicle.

According to an affidavit of arrest, the manager told police he was hit with a metal pipe, then he and the customer were punched and kicked several times.

At least one boy is seen on video joining the adults in beating up the manager.

Police say Marshall smashed the lobby window with a metal ashtray. The shattered glass left several Hooters employees needing stitches.

Marshall is accused of also stealing the manager’s wallet and keys before the whole group took off.

“There are other communities that have dealt with the same issues of these minors,” Chapman said.

The Colony Police Department revealed last month that the Powell twins and five other minors, ages 10 to 12, received a felony trespassing warning for selling chocolate near the Grandscape Mall.

Police say it’s possible the adults and minors are all related.

The Dallas Police Department helped Plano police identify the three men through social media accounts and prior arrests.

Marshall was arrested in Tarrant County in 2021. Fort Worth police say he assaulted a pregnant woman and also strangled her multiple times.

Charges against minors could also be forthcoming. Plano police say it’s still part of the investigation.

It is still unclear why the children were fundraising.


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