All Gloucestershire felons put behind bars in April


Last month, criminals were brought before the judge for some of the worst crimes imaginable. From Tewkesbury killer Can Arslan, who reportedly shows ‘not the slightest remorse’ for the murder of his neighbour, to sick pedophiles caught in the act by online ‘paedophile hunters’.

Can Arslan has not yet been charged and many offenders are given suspended sentences or community orders for their crimes, so not all of these people have or will be given a custodial sentence. . So who has been sidelined in Gloucestershire?

This month, felons in the county have been locked up for crimes ranging from escaping police and attacking council workers to growing cannabis and historic sex offences. These infractions gave the judge no choice but to throw away the key.

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Gloucestershire Live reports on all manner of cases to ensure justice is served. The Crown Court is where the most serious cases are handled, while the Magistrate Courts generally deal with lower level crimes.

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Matthew Goodchild, 34, of Newent was sentenced to 34 months in prison and banned from driving for breaching the terms of a restraining order against his former partner and later leading police in a high-speed chase. This police chase ended when Goodchild crashed his car onto an embankment and was stopped by armed police.

The 34-year-old was tentatively diagnosed with PTSD in prison, which was due to a carnival accident and is believed to be the cause of his behavior: “It was due to an accident while working in a He was loading a dodgem onto a truck when it fell and landed on his leg, causing a complex fracture, which is when his personality is said to have changed.

Nicholas Hughes

A Coleford man has been jailed for eight months after attacking a council worker while drunk, following the death of his son. Nicholas Hughes, 28, had recently been released from prison following bereavement, but had turned to substances to cope with his pain.

At sentencing, the judge said: “I offer my condolences on the loss of your son earlier this year. I appreciate that you had a troubled childhood losing your father at the age of five. years old and finding your mother dead at the age of 8. I accept that these events had an effect on you.

To which Hughes replied from the dock: “But that does not excuse my behavior that day, for which I am truly sorry.”

A Cheltenham man who admitted two historic sex charges against an eight-year-old girl in Bristol has been jailed for more than eight years for his crimes. His victim said: “I remember the events very clearly. I don’t think it will ever leave me.”

The judge told Shaw: “Whatever caused you to (sexually assault) a little girl of only eight years old, we will never know. We know the extent of the pain and the harm you have caused. is serious and lasting.”

Brian Morris of Drayton Way, Abbeydale was jailed for 14 months
Brian Morris of Drayton Way, Abbeydale was jailed for 14 months

A 42-year-old Gloucester man has been returned to prison for assaulting his former partner who saw him bite and kick her in the street. Brian Morris was sentenced to 14 months in prison for his offence.

Morris had been repeatedly taken to court for breaching the terms of the restraining order brought against him by his former partner, including earlier violent incidents. During the assault, Morris was seen “biting the woman in the arm and she was heard screaming ‘I want to go home, please stop’.”

During sentencing, the judge reminded Morris: “You have multiple prior convictions, including two for domestic violence. Additionally, you previously violated the non-molestation order in July 2020 and harassed the same year , for which you received a suspended prison sentence.

Daniel Sly was jailed and banned from Gloucester city center for five years
Daniel Sly was jailed and banned from Gloucester city center for five years

Daniel Sly, 23, was sentenced to 23 months in prison after acknowledging a series of robberies across the city. He was also banned from Gloucester town center for the next five years.

PC Rich Parker, said: “Daniel Sly has caused misery for many in the community for his recurrences.

“This sentence and Criminal Behavior Order sends a clear message that the Gloucester Ward Team will not tolerate the harm caused by any offence.

A 38-year-old man who broke his mother’s wrist, beat his sister and torched his ex-partner’s car has been sentenced to four years in prison and banned from contacting any of his victims. Mark Huish was told he needed medical help by the judge in his verdict.

Huish’s offense began in August 2020 when he arrived at his mother’s house looking for an argument. After his mother tried to escape his assault, he grabbed her wrist and broke it.

The judge jailed Huish for four years and imposed an indefinite restraining order barring him from contacting his victims and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £190.

Judge Lawrie concluded: “You need to get professional help for your medical issues when you get out of jail.”

Arber Pula was caught tending a small cannabis farm of 100 plants potentially worth £84,000.
Arber Pula was caught tending a small cannabis farm of 100 plants potentially worth £84,000.

A worker who was trafficked by an organized crime gang to a cannabis farm in the Forest of Dean has been jailed for six months. Arber Pula was in the UK without work rights when he was hired as a ‘gardener’ of a crop with an estimated market value of £75,000.

The judge said: “‘You allowed yourself to be used as a gardener when you couldn’t find any other gainful employment. It was because you weren’t allowed to stay in the UK. You should have left after six months as a visitor. You have become a member of an organized criminal group, although you are part of it and have been exploited by others.

A boy’s stepfather was brutally stabbed three times outside his own door by his son’s biological father after letting him play the Grand Theft Auto video game. Tyrone Perkins, 36, had made comments and threats on social media against the man after learning his son was allowed to play the violent game.

The stepfather had approached Perkins about the comments, when the 36-year-old lashed out at him, before fleeing and returning with two kitchen knives. The bloodied man’s life was only saved by a rescue operation carried out at his doorstep by paramedics.

Perkins was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for the attack. The judge said: “In your temper, you used those knives without inhibition. You caused Mr. Quinn significant injuries, two stab wounds to the back and one to the forearm.”


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