Are you done with the WFH? UK bars offer ‘work from a pub’ with ‘unlimited’ drinks, lunch and Wi-Fi


Since the pandemic hit us, our lives have become accustomed to new things, especially the work-from-home culture. Remote work has become quite common with millions of people working in different fields. But remote work is not just limited to working from home; in fact, it has been extended to work from the garden, and now the UK has introduced a unique work-from-pub arrangement with additional facilities for operators.

According to a report submitted by The Guardian, “With a growing number of pubs in the UK, businesses are turning to Work from Pub to boost revenue as employees take a break from paying home electricity bills.” It was an attempt to increase the number of customers in British pubs. With this, there will be crowds and a chance to increase pub revenue.

The report says more than 380 pubs in the Fuller chain will provide such a working environment by donating £10 (Rs 900) a day, including a drink and lunch. Similarly, Brewery Young signed 185 pubs with £15 (Rs 1,300) per day including sandwiches and unlimited tea/coffee refills.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial effect on the energy crisis and living costs, to manage such conditions UK pubs have decided to provide a lot.

In this work-from-pub arrangement, operators enjoyed several facilities such as power outlets, WiFi, quiet work space, unlimited hot or cold drinks, lunch and printing.

A Work from Pub client in conversation with The Guardian mentioned that “it is easier to concentrate in a pub as there are no distractions from housework such as gardening, the fridge or the cats”. He also mentioned that in pubs, employees get the added facilities of sandwich lunches, nearby outlets for the day and unlimited refills of tea or coffee.

The main purpose of bars these days is to attract more portable workers to its services. With this, UK professionals are preparing for a possible increase in expenses due to the country’s crisis costs of living. And by offering exemplary discounts, more workers will come.

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