Arpita Mukherjee Gold bars, silver, millions of silver! Arpita’s Belgharia fleet is like Alibaba’s secret store


#Kolkata: Until 10:30 p.m., the amount of money taken from the counting machine is Tk 20 crore, according to ED officials. 3 kg gold bars were also recovered. Money found The amount of gold jewelry found so far is around 2 crore 4 jumbo machines, 5 small machines The counting process is continuing according to sources, the counting will continue overnight.

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It is known that Arpita has two separate apartments in this residence. Arpita Mukherjee used to visit this apartment in Belgharia regularly. He came seven days ago. One in block-5, one in block-2. ED is currently searching the apartments in Block 5 (A-8). The area of ​​this apartment is approximately 1500 square feet. The other apartment is smaller, 1380 square feet. The average price of an apartment here is around Rs 80 lakh. This apartment is also likely to be searched today. Locals said Arpita used to come to the flat in Block 5 regularly. And he had plans to turn the flat in the other block into a guest house.

As of Friday night, Arpita Mukherjee is back in the city of Kolkata with just one name. Arpita, a professional model actress, showed Calcutta a “mountain of money”. Rupees 21 crore was recovered from the bed and closet of Arpita Mukhopadhyay’s residence at Diamond City South, Haridebpur near Taliganj on Friday evening. ED also recovered 20 iPhones, found huge amounts of gold and foreign currency.

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