Asda is making a pop-up restaurant with free steaks


Ha ha ha, Salt Bae, what a character, huh? For the past few years, Turkey’s famous seasonal sprinkler has been igniting old social media with increasingly silly bills for consumers of its steaks. “I went to Salt Bae and the bill was £9trillion and all I had was a chip I found stuck to my foot,” etc. That’s not to say Bae doesn’t have her fans. The famous pictures of Maradona being moved to tears upon the arrival of his extra-special meat is something few grown men who have seen him will easily forget. Still, there’s no doubt that paying hundreds of pounds for a piece of meat isn’t easy in a city of food banks.

Now, however, Asda has arrived to have a tongue-in-cheek pop at dexter’s gift of circular sunglasses. In a gag that feels like it’s matured longer than a well-trimmed carcass, ‘Steak Bay’ is Shoreditch Supermarket’s pop-up one-night stand, which will offer top-quality steak for NOTHING: it’s not not worth opening Twitter for. Diners – 50 of them drawn at random – have a choice of a 21-day-old tomahawk and extra thick cut, a 30-day-old sirloin, steak burgers or slow-cooked pork ribs (not really in the spirit of the thing, tbh) . In another wheeze, they replace Salt’s notorious flashy gold leaf antics with good old British foil. The meats will then be seasoned by the staff at the table from a height of 200 feet. This last element is not true. The rest is.

Steak Bay is open for one night only, Thursday, June 9 at Iron Bloom, 46 Great Eastern St, EC2A 3EP. To apply for a space, visit and winners will be randomly assigned.

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