Baltimore father begs authorities to keep teenage son behind bars


A desperate Baltimore father is so afraid his 14-year-old son’s life of crime will get him killed that he’s pleaded with authorities to keep him locked up – but says they’ve threatened to charge him with neglect instead.

“He’s not going to be alive, that’s what I’m afraid of,” Santiago, who asked that his surname not be used, says FOX45 News about his temperamental teenager.

A Baltimore father said authorities threatened to charge him with neglect after he pleaded with them to keep his 14-year-old son behind bars for a series of crimes.

“It’s getting progressively worse,” he told the outlet.

14-year-old from Baltimore charged with carjackings and thefts
A Baltimore dad wants his 14-year-old son to be scared.

“He started breaking into cars to steal cigarettes and chains, then you steal cars and run from the police,” the distressed father added.

He said his unidentified boy has been arrested multiple times with a cohort for a series of crimes involving carjackings and robberies from Baltimore to Washington, DC.

“They were flying on Route 4 at 100 miles an hour in and out of traffic,” Santiago said, adding that his son nearly killed two cops chasing him.

Despite the crime spree, her son never faced serious consequences for his actions, Santiago said as he shared charging documents with the outlet.

Of the 19 charges against the teenager, all but one – which only carries probation – have been dropped, he said.

But when the desperate father pleaded for his son to stay behind bars, he said he himself faced jail.

“I got the call from Prince Frederick County and Calvert County telling me they had him in custody and they told me what happened and all that, and I said, ‘You know what, let him stay over there in custody’ and they said to me, ‘You have six hours to come here and pick him up or we’ll pick you up for neglect and abandonment issues “, he told FOX45.

“I want my son to get help, I mean, if it’s going to be jail, then jail. What my son needs, he needs mental help,” Santiago added.

Baltimore police at a crime scene
“He’s not going to be alive, that’s what I’m afraid of,” the boy’s father said as he lamented youth crime in the town.

Santiago has also set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to cover the heavy financial toll of restitution costs for his son’s crimes.

The Post contacted local prosecutors about Santiago’s pleas and the charges against his son.


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