Bars want HK $ 100,000 compensation for two-week shutdown


Bars are demanding compensation of at least HK $ 100,000 per outlet, after the government announced a two-week closure from January 7.

Operators were frustrated that their cooperation in enforcing a vaccine bubble had not spared them the shutdown.

From Friday, all bars and entertainment venues will close for two weeks and restaurants will have to stop dining after 6 p.m., CEO Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Wednesday.

Chin Chun-wing, vice president of the Hong Kong Bar and Club Association, criticized the government for passing the cost of inadequate disease prevention measures to industry.

“It was your fault (the government) but let the bars bear the costs,” Chin said.

He believed the government should set up an anti-pandemic fund for the fifth outbreak, compensating at least HK $ 100,000 to each pub before the New Years so they could pay rent and salaries.

Chin said it was the loopholes in government measures to prevent imported cases from entering communities that sparked the fifth outbreak.

The government blamed Cathay Pacific, he said, “It was impossible for employers to guarantee that 100% of their staff followed the guidelines,” Chin said. “It should be up to the government to impose heavier penalties to increase the deterrent effect.”

He also criticized the government for suspending business activities across the city whenever there is an outbreak: “January is still high season for bars and clubs. Average turnover could normally reach 300 000 HK $ per ad. “

He urged the government to allow locals who launched a vaccine bubble to continue their activities.

Gordon Yau Yick-chung, of the Asian Academy For Sports and Fitness Professionals, said that many investors have started businesses in the past year, increasing the number of fitness and sports sites to the highest level ever on record. from 1,189.

He said the 14-day shutdown is a blow to the industry, urging the government to “at least allow the premises to operate until 6 p.m. so that the incomes of industry players do not become zero” .

In addition, Disneyland also announced the closure from January 7 to 20, plus Thursday also closed as scheduled (every Tuesday and Thursday). Ocean Park will also close from January 7 to 20.


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