Bear walks into California 7-Eleven to eat candy bars


A large bear shocked a 7-Eleven employee by repeatedly entering a California convenience store to snack on treats.

On September 6, cashier Christopher Kinson, 54, was working the night shift at a 7-Eleven in Olympic Valley, California, when he saw the door to the store open – but no one entered.

According to SWNS, he looked down the open door and found a brown bear chewing on a selection of late-night snacks.

“At first I was surprised. I see the door open, and I don’t see a torso, and I’m like, ‘oh my god. It’s a bear,” Kinson told SWNS, adding that ” the bear was about 20% 30% bigger in real life” compared to the photos.

Christopher Kinson / SWNS

After spotting the wild animal, Kinson stayed away from the bear as he raided the convenience store.

“I always kept my distance and had the back door close to me so I could escape if she charged at me,” Kinson said of the encounter. “I was scared at first, but they just want to eat. You still have to be careful, though. We don’t know exactly how they think.”

The bear made several trips to complete his shopping spree, repeatedly going in and out of the store to grab a candy bar or two at a time.

Christopher Kinson / SWNS

“It’s funny. It’s like it’s intentionally polite to take one candy bar at a time, it’s almost like she has manners,” the 7-Eleven cashier said of the behavior of the bear.

After 30 minutes of shopping and snacking, the bear took a break before entering the store. Kinson took the opportunity to block the door while the animal was away.


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