Benidorm bars and restaurants forced to close due to lack of staff on Spain’s Costa Blanca


BENIDORM’s bars and restaurants are forced to close because they cannot find enough staff.

The city’s Abreca hotel association says 3,000 more staff are needed and around 90% of businesses are suffering.

Shortages mean no one is available to cover ‘days off’, forcing businesses to shutter at least one day a week.

Some outlets temporarily closed until they found workers and even posted posters informing customers of their predicament.

Alex Fratini d’Abreca says the Covid pandemic has changed people’s psyches about working in hospitality.

“People don’t want to work on weekends and during holidays because they want to enjoy life,” he commented.

“I understand that, but hospitality works when others don’t and we can’t change that,” Fratini added.

With hospitality operating as a seasonal trade in Benidorm, the pandemic has stripped the area of ​​people from areas like Madrid who traveled to work during the summer.

The rental of certain temporary accommodation has also become a key issue.

Alex Fratini said: “Many hotel workers cannot afford rent and landlords prefer to rent to tourists to get higher income with less hassle.”

A rent reduction program unveiled in February appears to have had little impact.

Fratini also slammed “unfair competition” in the hospitality industry and accused some companies of breaking the law that “damaged the industry’s reputation”.



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