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Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Yes, it’s true that Mario Cristobal is the second straight University of Miami football coach to “go home” with great fanfare and big dreams. And it’s also true that the first – super-hyped Manny Diaz – lasted three excruciating seasons before the ax fell. Could Cristobal follow these regrettable footsteps? Don’t count on it. Cristobal comes here with an edge that Diaz lacked, one honed in his last somewhat bitter outing from town. You may recall that in 2006, at age 36, Cristobal was named head coach of Florida International University, a fledgling program after a winless season. He dramatically improved the team, which won a bowling match in 2010 and went 8-5 in 2011. But after a losing record the following year, he was abruptly canned. The decision was widely seen as reckless and reckless, and Cristobal has since proven it. After being snapped up by a small football program called Alabama as an O-line coach, he landed the head coaching job at Oregon, where he’s gone 35-13 over the past five seasons. , was named Pac-12 Coach of the Year, and won a Rose Bowl. Now the second-generation cubano returns to his hometown to coach the old central school with the big duck as its mascot (yes, we know it’s supposed to be an ibis, but at the games he looks like the slightly sleazy cousin of Donald Duck and don’t try to tell us otherwise). Will he restore UM to its long-lost glory? Who knows, but chances are he’ll prove the doubters wrong.


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