Beyond Meat COO behind bars for biting a man’s nose


The chief operating officer of California-based meat substitute brand Beyond Meat was recently arrested after biting a man’s nose during an altercation. Doug Ramsey, 53, was put behind bars on Saturday and released the following day.

The altercation that led Ramsey to show violent behavior took place after the football game held at the University of Arkansas. The incident happened in the parking lot near Razorback Stadium. The officer who reported the incident mentioned that it happened around 10 p.m. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer found “two men with bloody faces”, as reported by KNWA Fox24.

According to the account of the incident given by the law enforcement officer, Ramsey was in the structure of the taxiway when the victim, the owner of a Subaru, “made his way” and brushed the front tire on the passenger side of Ramsey’s car. Ramsey, agitated by the contact, got out of his vehicle and punched the Subaru’s rear windshield.

The victim got out of the vehicle, pulled Ramsey closer to him, and began punching Ramsey. After the scuffle, Ramsey bit the victim’s nose, ripping a piece of flesh off the tip of his nose. Ramsey allegedly threatened to kill the victim. The spectators, seeing the bloody fight, intervened and separated the two parties. Half an hour after the incident, Ramsey was arrested at the scene.

Ramsey took over the management of Beyond Meat in December last year. Prior to his last stint, Ramsey had overseen the poultry arm of Tyson Foods since 1992, according to the publication. Ramsey also served as President of McDonald’s Global Operations in 2019. Currently, he leads the operations division at Beyond Meat. The company is popular for making plant-based meat substitutes.

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