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Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Let’s start your Friday!

Fun fact: How have we done this evil all our lives?

@sidneyraz seconds to achieve a life of evil #toblerone #first time #todayyearssold #inmy30s #today i learned #tips and tricks #tips for everyday life ♬ original sound – sidneyraz

On this day

In 1851, the first baseball jerseys were worn by New York.

In 1889, the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed from coast to coast.

In 1969, the last episode of “Star Trek” aired.

In 1985, “Larry King Live” debuted on CNN.

In 2016, Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74.

In 2019, rapper Jay-Z becomes the first billionaire rapper.


Today is National Donut Day, National Egg Day, National Chocolate Macaroon Day, National Rehearsal Day, World Bike Day, and World Cider Day.

Environment Canada weather forecasts

In Kelowna

In Penticton


In Revelstoke


In the salmon arm

salmon arm

In Vernon


In case you missed it

UBC Okanagan students save the life of a classmate. Learn more here.

A woman accused of starting fires at Lac Monte and Lac Le Jeune has been released on bail. Learn more here.

The Okanagan Indian Band celebrates the return of Cultural Arbor. Learn more here.


This is one of the coolest sports stories/Twitter feeds in a long time.

Celebrity birthdays

If your birthday is today, you share a birthday with TV host Anderson Cooper (55), tennis player Rafael Nadal (36) and actress Suzie Plakson (64).

Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

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