Breaking: US judge bans Envigo from breeding and selling dogs in revolutionary order


From People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA):

Breaking: US judge bans Envigo from breeding and selling dogs in revolutionary order

Today, Senior United States District Court Judge Norman K. Moon released a temporary restraining order in the civil case of the United States against Envigo. The court concluded:[T]The government has provided sufficient evidence that Envigo is engaged in serious and ongoing violations of animal welfare law, and that an immediate temporary restraining order must be issued to end these violations pending new procedures. The court ordered that Envigo “[i]immediately cease the breeding, sale or trade of beagles at the Cumberland facility, until they are in full compliance with the [the order’s other requirements].”

“The court’s action is groundbreaking and essential to protecting beagles,” said PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. “Federal intervention is the only way to prevent the neglect and abuse of dogs uncovered by PETA’s secret investigation – and we hope that will bring this miserable affair to an end.”

According to the judgment, Envigo must “[p]allow the United States free access to the Cumberland facility…to verify compliance with this order” and “cease disposing of any beagles at the Cumberland facility by transferring…or euthanizing any beagle…without the consent of United States Attorney or, if they do not consent, a court order. Envigo must house compatible dogs only, ensure puppies have access to water, feed all dogs at least once a day unless the US or court agrees otherwise, add containers food to cages and provide dogs deemed to require veterinary treatment with the necessary care and submit documentation of such treatment to the United States.

The decision sheds light on the findings of federal investigators this week at the Cumberland, Virginia site. “[T]Government veterinarians continue to examine dogs throughout the weekend” there, and the number of seized dogs “is likely to increase”, according to the ruling. Beagles have been found with “significant and serious health issues, including injuries…swollen or inflamed paws, or…dental disease” and “many other beagles still struggle with inadequate food and water, veterinary care and other conditions of torture described. This week, “investigators observed ‘widespread fighting’ between beagles sharing food sources… [and] beagles fighting between adjacent cages. According to the court, “in several enclosures, the puppies were unable to access the taps to obtain water on their own, and when the investigator ‘held the tap down to release water’, the puppies” immediately rushed to the tap to get water, and drank a lot and quickly. Investigators also found numerous beagles trapped in the cage floors, including one whose jaw was stuck in the cage bars, and unsanitary conditions including insects, mold and an accumulation of old food.

Federal agents’ latest findings mirror those of PETA’s seven-month investigation undercover investigation from the Cumberland plant, which revealed hundreds of dead puppies and workers without veterinary degrees injecting euthanasia drugs directly into puppies’ hearts without sedation – causing them immense pain – among other abuses. Broadcast-quality video of PETA’s investigation is available hereand photographs of the survey are available here.


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