Brooklyn shooting update: Suspect Frank James ordered to be held behind bars in his first court appearance


Video shows Frank James being arrested in Manhattan

Suspected terrorist Frank James appeared for the first time in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday where a judge ordered him to be held behind bars until his trial and his lawyers asked that he undergo a psychological examination.

Mr James, 62, is charged with terrorism on a public transport system during the Brooklyn subway attack on Tuesday, where he allegedly shot dead 10 people before fleeing for 30 hours.

The suspect was eventually arrested in Manhattan’s East Village on Wednesday afternoon when he himself called CrimeStoppers to tell police he was at a nearby McDonald’s.

Officers descended on the fast food outlet to find him gone, before taking him into nearby custody along St. Mark’s Square and First Avenue.

Mr James is accused of injuring around 30 people in Tuesday morning’s rush hour attack in Sunset Park.

The shooter donned a gas mask on a crowded N train heading to Manhattan and opened a gas canister, before opening fire as the train rolled into the 36th Street station.

His motive remains unclear, but disturbing YouTube videos show Mr James ranting about Mayor Eric Adams, the subway system and New York’s mental health system.


The White House will provide New York with ‘everything they need’ to help find the shooter

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden has yet to speak with New York City Mayor Eric Adams about Tuesday’s subway attack, but has promised to provide to New York officials “everything they need” to find the shooter.

Ms Psaki told reporters aboard Air Force One on Tuesday that federal agencies would “help in any way appropriate” and provide “whatever they want” to help the investigation.

“Whatever they need, whatever they want, we are here to provide it,” she added.

She added that the investigation into the shooting is a local matter and is overseen by the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Unit in conjunction with the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

However, she pointed out that White House officials are in contact with both the mayor and the NYPD commissioner.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 7:47 p.m.


29 victims hospitalized across the city

The number of victims injured in Tuesday’s attack continues to rise as more information becomes available, with at least 29 confirmed people hospitalized across the city.

A total of 21 people are being treated at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. All of the patients are said to be in stable condition with injuries ranging from gunshot wounds to smoke inhalation.

Three patients are currently being treated at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital – one for a gunshot wound, one for a fracture and one for non-trauma related injuries.

Five victims are being treated at Maimonides Health in Brooklyn – two for shrapnel or gunshot wounds and three for smoke inhalation.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:02 p.m.


Police search for U-Haul pickup truck with Arizona license plates in connection to subway shooting

The NYPD is reportedly looking for a U-Haul pickup truck with Arizona license plates linked to the subway shooting suspect.

Anyone with tips is asked to call the NYPD hotline at 800-577-TIPS

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:11 p.m.


Pistol, magazines, fireworks and smoke grenades recovered from the scene

A firearm, several high-capacity magazines and a backpack full of fireworks and smoke bombs were all recovered from the scene of the subway shooting.

Police sources said CNN that the treasure trove of objects was discovered in the 36 Street station after the attack.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:26 p.m.


Lives saved by jamming weapons magazine during attack

The magazine in the Subway shooter’s gun jammed during Tuesday morning’s attack, law enforcement sources say — a serendipitous circumstance that likely saved lives and prevented the shooter from shooting others. other victims.

The suspect, who has not been identified, appears to have planned to carry out a larger attack as several high capacity magazines and a backpack full of smoke bombs and fireworks were recovered from the scene.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:37 p.m.


‘Malfunction’ in subway camera system hampers shooter hunt

A “malfunction” in the 36 Street subway station’s camera system may have hampered the manhunt for the shooter who injured at least 28 people in Tuesday morning’s shooting.

Mayor Eric Adams said WCBS Radio Tuesday afternoon that a preliminary investigation revealed that “there appeared to be some sort of malfunction” with the camera system in the part of the station where the attack took place.

“We are contacting the MTA to find out if it was station-wide or if it was just one camera,” he said.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:49 p.m.


Police find image of suspect on cellphone video

Investigators were able to locate an image of the suspect from the subway shooting on a passerby’s cellphone video, a law enforcement source said. ABC News.

The suspect’s photo is so far the only confirmed photo of the attacker after it emerged the Metro camera system was down in the station at the time of the attack.

The photo has not been shared and the NYPD has yet to identify the suspect.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 8:57 p.m.


Mayor Eric Adams pushes back against comments that the attack was not terrorism

Mayor Eric Adams pushed back on comments by NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell that the attack on the New York City subway was not an act of terrorism.

The commissioner said at a Tuesday morning news conference with New York officials that the incident was not being investigated as a terrorist attack, but the motive remained unclear.

Asked about these comments on WCBS Radio Tuesday afternoon, the mayor said it was clear the attacker wanted to “sow terror in our subway system and that is not acceptable.”

“Based on the preliminary investigation, someone intentionally determined to terrorize our subway system and attack our passengers,” he said.

“Once we apprehend this person and investigate, we will determine what their source is and why they committed the act.

“But we won’t eliminate the fact that they tried to terrorize with a smoke device to create smoke, with weapons discharged on innocent New Yorkers, so once we apprehend the person, we can identify the reason behind this.

“But one thing is clear: there was a purpose to sow terror in our subway system and that is not acceptable.”

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 9:08 p.m.


NY AG Letitia James says it’s a ‘dark day for New York’

New York Attorney General Letitia James called Tuesday a “dark day for New York” and called the shooting in the city’s subway “heartbreaking.”

“Today is a dark day for New York. The mass shooting in Brooklyn this morning is heartbreaking, and I pray for every New Yorker who has been hurt and affected,” she tweeted.

“I urge anyone with information about what happened this morning to contact @NYPDnews.

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 9:13 p.m.


Questions are mounting over how the shooter got away

Questions are mounting over how the shooter managed to get away from the scene of the shooting, as officials admitted the subway camera system was down in the station at the time and trains were not were not immediately closed following the shooting.

Anonymous NYPD sources claimed the suspect’s escape may have been made possible by police error, with rolling stone reporting that a local Brooklyn South Patrol duty captain allegedly did not freeze all trains entering and leaving the station, where N, R, and D line trains transfer.

The NYPD disputed the report, calling it “factually inaccurate” and that “speculation, especially in the midst of a crisis, is not helpful.”

But they appeared to confirm the trains had not been stopped, adding: ‘The victims on the train were relying on the subway passing at the next stop to get to safety and seek help.’

When asked why the trains weren’t stopped immediately in an effort to nab the suspect, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller told reporters, “This it’s not the case”.

The IndependentJustin Vallejo has the full story:

Rachel SharpApril 12, 2022 9:20 p.m.


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