Burglar Shoots, Kills St. Paul Resident’s Dog, Steals AR-15 Rifle, Silver Bars


A burglar hit a residence in St. Paul, shot dead a dog, stole a high-powered rifle and escaped with silver bars worth several thousand dollars, authorities said Thursday.

The 2000 Margaret Street block house was targeted on Wednesday while the resident was at work, police said. The suspect is still at large.

Police said the suspect was filmed around 9.45am breaking into the East Side home.

According to police and a crime alert from the State Criminal Apprehension Bureau:

The resident, a 48-year-old male, returned home from work and noticed a broken window and dried blood throughout the interior. Police said the burglar used a shovel to break into the house.

The victim searched the house and saw her dead golden retriever in the basement, which authorities said had been shot by the suspect.

An AR-15 rifle and silver bars valued at approximately $ 7,680 were stolen.

The BCA crime alert included photographs of the suspect. He pointed out that he had a tattoo on the top of his right hand and on the right side of his face.

Police said he was wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie with red lettering on the front, black and white shoes and a black Chicago Blackhawks cap with a red brim.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact the police sergeant. Lynette Cherry at [email protected]


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