Command bars Pop-up parties at Point Pleasant Beach


POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ — Point Pleasant Beach has received an injunction against several people who promoted “pop-up parties” on social media, Mayor Paul Kanitra said Friday.

And while several social media posts have surfaced canceling parties that were in the works for this weekend, Kanitra said the borough is still preparing for the possibility of people showing up anyway.

“We believe we have avoided this madness as much as possible. That said, we are still fully prepared for any situation tomorrow in case someone tries to test our resolve,” Kanitra said in a Facebook post.

In Point Pleasant Beach, Kanitra said the borough sent “costly violations of borough ordinance for violating our local rules and regulations.”

Mayors from several coastal cities met with Acting Attorney General Matt Platkin on June 3, and Kanitra later expressed frustration at the lack of tangible solutions provided at that meeting.

“All I got was an hour of nonsense about preparing and sharing information and monitoring the situation,” Kanitra said. “By the time enough people arrive here and gather where we recognize a party is forming, it’s already too late.”

Kanitra said he spoke on PIX 11 Friday morning, again urging state officials to take a more active role in deterring these parties “and helping the towns on our coast never have another to deal with it”.

“All it takes is a loser on Facebook…who thinks he’s a promoter trying to look cool to his followers to create chaos and economic disaster,” Kanitra said in a video he two weeks ago. “He created it and shared it with his followers and these idiots share it with theirs for the sole purpose of publicly partying together, destroying things and wreaking havoc on a large group.” Read more: Point Beach mayor slams pop-up party ‘idiots’, state’s response

Kanitra said he will be on the boardwalk and at the police department substation all day Saturday “both monitoring the situation and welcoming all the families who come to enjoy our beautiful city!”


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