Comment: Beach bars and graffiti


Graffiti can be seen in Palma.

25-04-2022Majorca Daily Bulletin journalist

Political battles erupt across the island. In Palma, the debate on the interview from the city center and the wave of graffiti which is sweeping over the capital is getting tenser, since it concerns all road works, while along the coast, politicians clash over the general dismantling of bars in beach. As for the latter, not only have many of these beach bars been around for decades, but they have become part of the attraction of so many beaches.

If the government wants to deter sun and beach tourism, removing beach bars is a good way to do it, because millions of people who come to Mallorca every year like to be able to eat and drink on the beach and, in some case, while their feet dangle in the water – it is a luxury few people appreciated in Northern Europe. Beach bars are part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, in addition to creating jobs and generating money in areas that otherwise would not benefit from tourism. So, like I said before, leave them alone.

And, as Palma City Council plans to spend around a million euros on new offices, residents and businesses in the city are crying out for something to be done about the graffiti which turned parts of downtown, even the old town, into an eyesore. I wonder what the hordes of cruise passengers thought when they visited Palma this weekend. I think it’s time to be practical and not political.


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