Don’t close bars.. – High Court stops closing

A separate judge’s order to close Tasmac bars across Tamil Nadu within six months has been granted an interim injunction by the Chennai High Court. Tasmac has launched a new tender for the sale of snacks and the collection of empty bottles from Tasmag liquor stores across Tamil Nadu. Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of bar owners during the Corona curfew bar closures, asking that the old tender be extended to replace the new one, and that landowners not be forced to provide proof of inviolability. All cases were dismissed by Special Judge C. Saravanan of the High Court.

At the same time, he ordered the closure of all Tasmag bars in Tamil Nadu within six months. He went on to say that Tasmag outlets were only allowed to sell alcohol in bulk and retail under the Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act of 1937, and that alcohol purchased there- bas could only be drunk at home or in private spaces. The court also found that the Prohibition Act did not allow confectioneries and bars to be established with liquor stores. Tasmag appealed the separate judge’s decision to the High Court.

A bench consisting of Chief Justice Muneeswarnath Bandari and Justice Bharatha Chakraborty heard the case. The order was given by a separate judge beyond the case at the time, according to R. Shanmugasundar, the attorney general who spoke on Tasmac’s behalf. The petitioners did not ask for the bars to be closed. Accordingly, the order should be overturned by the independent judge, who will argue that Tasmac has the power to run the bars. The courts adjourned the case for two weeks, imposing an interim injunction on another judge’s ruling allowing Tasmac to seek a tender to run the bar, after accepting the prosecution’s position.


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