Ex-con back behind bars after major drug bust in North Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An ex-con is behind bars after an anti-drug operation involving the Metropolitan Police, THP, TBI, Homeland Security, the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force.

The raid took place Tuesday morning at two locations in North Nashville.

The arrest of Desmond Lamont Taylor Jr. comes after a two-month investigation in which drug officers said they saw the 35-year-old ex-con openly selling large amounts of narcotics from his vehicle in a driveway of a house on Brunswick Drive.

Agents from the 18th JDTF told News 2 that when THP SWAT teams initiated the teardown, Taylor was in his Dodge Durango. He had a loaded 9mm handgun on the floor within easy reach.

Drug officers say Taylor Jr. admitted to dealing drugs, and officers say he was dealing drugs every day, like it was his job.

Inside the vehicle, officers found a yellow backpack in the front seat. He was loaded with dangerous narcotics, including fentanyl.

“Every day you can sit down and do surveillance and see multiple drug transactions,” a drug officer said.

Officers seized pounds of weed, 14 grams of heroin, 154 grams of methamphetamine, 37 grams of fentanyl and 2 grams of MDMA powder, as well as ecstasy, xanax, hydrocodone and l oxycodone.

Officers seized three firearms and nearly $13,000 in cash from a suitcase hidden behind loudspeakers at a second home searched by officers.

While all drugs are of concern, the large amount of fentanyl seized from a backpack in the front seat of the car was very disturbing to officers.

“They’re going to take the heroin, cut it with pure fentanyl to spread the product and make it more profitable for them,” an agent said.

Officers say just a few grains of fentanyl can be deadly, which is why many drug dealers wore PPE, gloves and respirators when handling narcotics.

Officers say Taylor has been selling drugs from his car every day in the Brunswick Drive driveway, but he lives in Sussex Court with his mother and young child.

“According to Metro police, the neighbors were very excited that we arrested this guy,” an officer told News 2.

Officers say Taylor took his child to school every morning and then drove to Brunswick where he sold narcotics.

Officers say the child was in danger every time he carried the drugs with him in the car.

“Extremely dangerous. If the information is correct and he took his child to school every morning with a backpack full of fentanyl in the front seat, his child could have easily been exposed to this deadly narcotic,” an officer said. “I think we’ve taken some really dangerous narcotics off the streets, especially in North Nashville. That’s a lot of fentanyl, meth, and heroin that could have killed someone.

Taylor Jr. is charged with 11 counts related to the drug seizure. He is currently being held at the Metro Jail on $150,000 bond.

Officers say that investigation is still ongoing.

News 2 checked with TDOC and found that Taylor Jr. was on parole. He was originally sentenced to 22 years in prison. This sentence began in August 2006 and was due to end in February next year.

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He was serving time for two drug offenses – one for methamphetamine, one for cocaine.


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