Feeladelphia is Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s new pop-up restaurant in New York


Instead of ordering menu items, New Yorkers will now be able to order restaurant sensations.

Feeladelphia, Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s new pop-up initiative, is coming to New York City July 14-16 and will delight customers with a multi-sensory dining experience focused on slowing down and “feeling” what you’re eating, rather than just having it. to taste. .

Organized in partnership with Jeremiah Stone and Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra, the Michelin-starred chefs and owners of Contra and Wildair, Feeladelphia offers guests a culinary journey of different textures, flavors and of course sensations. The dishes, which are infused with cream cheese, are arranged to stimulate multiple senses at once, and each is named after a specific feeling.

Allure, one of the dishes, opens the dining experience with a selection of cream cheese-infused spreads, which are incorporated into the plate to stimulate visual interaction as well as an appreciation of texture. The bread supporting each spread is actually a homemade cracker in a checkerboard pattern, while the Kaluga caviar placed on top is designed to add both intriguing flavor and another layer of texture. Other dishes include names such as curiosity and spontaneity.

“For us, feelings and food are always connected, so when the Philadelphia team presented this concept, we felt inspired to create a bespoke menu based on real feelings about specific ingredients,” said said chef Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra in a press release. “The dishes all feature Philadelphia Cream Cheese and allow guests to explore in an entirely new way,” added chef Jeremiah Stone.

Reservations are now open at Feeladelphia and limited spaces are available July 14-16. Customers wishing to partake in the new three-hour sensory dining experience can visit open table to make a reservation. Cost is $35 per person with all proceeds going to charity.


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