Fine-dining restaurant for dogs opens in San Francisco, offering $75 tasting menu | Joshua Torres



It’s no big surprise to many that San Francisco, where dogs apparently outnumbered children, now offers an exclusive dining experience for beloved pets.

It could easily be mistaken for San Francisco’s new all-day cafe by passers-by. Elegant desserts, including a rose-shaped cake with a deer heart inside and a small dog-shaped cake based on the works of famous French pastry chef Cédric Grolet, are presented in a display case; (In the restaurant version, grass-fed cream and braised chicken replace the butter and sugar.)

Dogue, which has a $75 three-course tasting menu available on Sundays, debuted last week at 988 Valencia St. with pastries and “dogguccinos” available the rest of the week.

All food is prepared by owner and trained chef Rahmi Massarweh, who has been feeding his four dogs fresh, raw food since they were little. Mastiff is a proponent of the growing trend of feeding dogs healthy, freshly prepared meals rather than filler-laden boxed kibble.

A chef across the country has also opened a dog food business after the lockdown forced him to close his restaurant. One of Sacramento’s top sushi restaurant chefs also works as a professional dog feeder.

It’s no surprise that San Francisco, where dogs have apparently recently outnumbered children and pet owners can join members-only vet clinics with high-end features, has the first cafe for country dogs.

After leaving the restaurant business, Massarweh opened a dog daycare in 2015. He eventually fed his customers’ pets the same food he prepared for his dogs. Mastiff still offers this dog food, which includes tripe, wild antelope and duck as well as raw meats stored in a refrigerator.

Massarweh obsessively tests recipes, often on his four dogs, which only provide him with positive feedback, as any obliging family member would. To create safe food for dogs, Massarweh worked with an integrative and holistic veterinarian.

On Sundays, Dogue transforms into the Bone Appetit Cafe, where patrons eagerly slurp the chicken and mushroom soup served at the table.

One of the meals consists of a rich and nutritious broth by simmering chicken bones for eight hours. The soup was then served with pieces of braised chicken breast and Chaga mushrooms. The second meal was delivered on a spectacular charcoal plate and featured a chicken skin waffle placed on a globe-shaped coconut charcoal custard. A pastured egg yolk encased in a beautifully green spirulina meringue “cloud” topped with wildflower petals is another specialty he has created.

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