First look at Southbourne’s new pop-up restaurant


A NEW pop-up beach restaurant, described as having the “casual international vibes” of Miami’s South Beach, opened in Southbourne this weekend.

Work for SOBO Beach has finally come to an end as the restaurant is set to open for breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

The sleek and cool pop-up restaurant will serve international cuisine this weekend, including Pan-Asian cuisine, sushi, stir-fries and barbecue dishes, as well as ice cream and soft drinks.

SOBO Beach

Operations manager Rich Slater said he couldn’t serve alcohol until July 19 because the council didn’t license the venue in time for the opening.

Describing the restaurant, Rich said, “It will be a chilled outdoor restaurant where people can come and relax and enjoy the beach. We want it to look like a natural extension of Southbourne Beach.

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Echo of Bournemouth: SOBO BeachSOBO Beach

“There is an open bus serving drinks as well as food, a wide range of soft drinks.

“There will be booze coming on July 19 as soon as the license is issued. We have a cocktail tiki shack, but ‘FlaminGo Grill’ and ‘Wok Shack’ will be open this weekend.

SOBO Beach sits on the site where Bistro on the Beach stood before its demolition in February, and for Rich, it took a lot of work to get planning permission and the restaurant built in time for summer.

Echo of Bournemouth: SOBO BeachSOBO Beach

He said: “The council told us on May 6 that we had the site, but we didn’t have everything at that time.

“It was flat ground and we had to build everything.

“It has been chaotic and stressful at times. We passed between tears of joy and floods of tears in general.

Echo of Bournemouth: SOBO BeachSOBO Beach

“But the whole team took it out of the bag. Everyone on site racked their brains to get everything ready for this weekend.

“We knew the weather was coming and it would be warm and sunny. We didn’t want to leave the beach with nothing.

SOBO Beach is open for food and non-alcoholic beverages starting this weekend, with an official opening with alcohol later this month.


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