Five other sports stars who ended up behind bars for various shocking crimes


Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison at Southwark Crown Court / Photo Credit: Mark Thomas/Alamy Stock Photo

Grand Slam champion Boris Becker, 54, was jailed for two and a half years.

The former Wimbledon champion has been discovered to deliberately transfer money to family, friends and associates in 2017 despite declaring bankruptcy, allowing him to keep £390,000 and the proceeds of a bank loan worth over £1 million from its creditors.

He also failed to declare ownership of property in Germany worth £1million, as well as £75,000 worth of shares held in a technology company.

Despite enjoying a sporting fortune worth £38million, Becker went bankrupt after a costly divorce, combined with child support and his luxurious lifestyle.

Judge Deborah Taylor presided over the case at Southwark Crown Court, who said she accepted the ‘humiliation’ Becker suffered when bankruptcy was imposed, but said there was a lack of “humility”.

Hearing about Becker’s prison sentence got us thinking, what other sports stars have there been who have gone from the bright lights of stardom to the dark, gloomy confines of a prison cell?

Oscar Pistorius

On Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2013, Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius was arrested in connection with the death of his then-girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius maintained that he only shot Steenkamp because he mistook her for a domestic invader, at their home in South Africa, but the prosecution argued that his earlier behavior and assault was not only part of the evidence that he planned his murder.

After a grueling seven months, Pistorius was convicted of intentional homicide and served a year in prison, before being released to house arrest. This conviction was later overturned by an appeals court, with Pistorius’ guilty charge being changed to murder after a second trial. The resulting sentence was 13 years behind bars. He is eligible for parole in March 2023.

Daryl Henley

After turning pro in 1989, star UCLA cornerback Darry Henley must have thought the sky was the limit. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams and was on the starting lineup for six years, but in 1995 he was named as one of four defendants convicted in a cocaine trafficking case.

Although he said he was only funding the criminal activity of a childhood friend, he convinced a prison guard to pass him a cellphone while he was behind bars, awaiting his death. conviction. He used that phone to hire a hitman to kill not only a Rams cheerleader who testified against him, but also the judge who presided over his trial.

Those $100,000 jobs didn’t go through because agents had secretly taped Henley into his cell. New charges were brought against the sports star in the summer of 1996 and, as part of a plea deal, he admitted two counts of conspiracy to commit murder and one count of bribing a caretaker . He was sentenced to 41 years without the possibility of parole.

Chad Curtis

A two-ring World Series winner with the New York Yankees baseball team in 1998 and 1999, Chad Curtis will enjoy his retirement from professional sports by volunteering his time to work at various high schools beginning in 2011. volunteer strength trainer, he offered massages to some of them. female athletes.

Three girls, aged between 13 and 16, later came forward and said the massages had become sexual in nature, accusing Curtis of fondling them while signing on as a masseuse.

A judge has come to the conclusion that Curtis was indeed guilty, sentencing him to seven to 14 years behind bars, which meant his earliest release date would be September 2020. Although he never admitted guilt in the case, he was still released from prison at that time. day and, when asked by a reporter if he had any messages for his victims after his release, he replied “not at this stage”.

Marc Rogowski

Bringing mainstream attention to the sport of skateboarding was no small feat, but Mark Rogowski was one of the likes of Tony Hawk. Unfortunately, the wild lifestyle that followed him proved too hard to deny, leading him to spend much of his six-figure annual income from the age of 17 on drinking, party and possibly destroy.

Things get tough when in 1991, following the breakdown of his relationship with his girlfriend, he meets a friend of the ex he has not seen for some time. Jessica Bergsten was severely beaten by Rogowski, who also sexually assaulted her before strangling her to death. He left his body in a surfboard bag before burying it in the California desert.

Rogowski said Bergsten reminded him too much of his ex and was sentenced to 31 years to life. He is now eligible for parole, but was denied parole in 2011 and 2016. At the end of 2019, he was granted parole, but that decision was overturned in 2020.

Esteban Loaiza

No baseball team is complete without a strong pitcher, and Esteban Loaiza filled that gap in his 14-year career, for eight teams, amassing nearly 1,400 strikeouts. He was noticed by most in 2003 when he joined the Chicago White Sox before making an All Star game selection and placing second in voting for the Cy Young Award.

However, just a few years ago, in February 2018, a secret compartment was discovered in Loaiza’s van by San Diego County deputies. They realized it would be the perfect place to transport contraband, so they obtained a search warrant for his home in Imperial Beach, California. Upon entry, it was clear that it was a stash containing approximately 40 pounds of cocaine rather than regular furniture.

Loaiza would plead guilty to charges of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and, a judge sentenced him in March 2018 to three years in prison, with five years probation and deportation to his native Mexico, at the end of this sentence. .

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