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By Doug Thompson | For the Floyd Press

A Floyd man and convicted felon who broke into a county gun store to steal multiple firearms was sent to jail for five years by Floyd County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Michael Allen Adkins, 55, told Judge Mike Fleenor on July 26 that he “couldn’t recognize what I had done” when he broke into the store and took 13 expensive guns worth thousands of dollars.

Adkins said “extenuating circumstances” led to the earlier crime that cost him the right to own firearms. He also asked for clemency from the judge as he pleaded guilty to the crimes.

Fleenor sentenced Adkins to three years in prison for theft of firearms and an additional two years for obtaining a firearm as a felon.

“As a 55-year-old man, there should be no excuses,” Fleenor said. “Entering a guilty plea does not count as an excuse.”

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Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Ryan Hupp said Adkins’ actions were “a brazen breach of the law” which prohibits him from obtaining weapons.

The judge said Adkins would still have 10 years over his head upon his release from prison.

At a separate hearing on July 26, a 66-year-old Copper Hill man, charged earlier this month with sexually penetrating objects on a girl under 13 in 2019, requested bail.

James Terry Moran Jr., through his attorney David Rhodes of Christiansburg, said he would be living with his mother while awaiting a hearing in September to set a date for a jury trial.

Commonwealth barrister Eric Branscom argued that granting the release would pose a threat to the girl and her family. He said Moran touched the child “inappropriately” in May 2019 and should remain in jail until his trial.

Fleenor questioned Moran’s mother, who testified that she would be responsible for him and said he would adhere to curfews and other restrictions, including no contact with children.

Judge Fleenor accepted bail, set limits and ordered Moran to return to court on September 6 to set a trial date.

In a long day of hearings, pleas, sentencing and more after the closed drug court earlier today, other actions included:

  • Zachery Lee Bolton of Ferrum was convicted of violating his probation for drug possession and Judge Fleenor sent him to jail for a year with another year of probation after his release. He also remains on 17 more years of probation on other drug charges.
  • Amanda Katherine Davis of Roanoke was found in contempt of court for failing to appear after a capias was issued in April and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.
  • Fleenor has dismissed all drug and firearms possession charges against Pulaski’s Deshawn Kiree Tucker after the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office recommended that they be dropped due to lack of evidence.
  • The judge sentenced Clarence Dale Hall of Floyd to a two-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to possession of ammunition as a convicted felon.
  • Bent Mountain’s TC Allen Beckner, charged earlier this month with possession of Schedule II drugs and possession of a firearm with the drugs, has requested bail pending trial on September 6. It was granted.

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