Former Proud Boys leader to remain behind bars in Capitol riots case


A federal justice of the peace in Miami has denied Enrique Tarrio bail pending trial on conspiracy charges.

WASHINGTON — A federal justice of the peace in Miami on Tuesday denied bail to Enrique Tarrio — ordering the former Proud Boys leader to remain behind bars pending trial on conspiracy charges.

Tarrio was indicted last week on multiple counts related to the Proud Boys’ alleged plan to attack the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. While dozens of members of the group have been charged in the case, the act of accusation is the first time. prosecutors have linked Tarriowho was not in DC on Jan. 6, on offense.

Tarrio was photographed Jan. 5 at a garage meeting with Oathkeeper chief Stewart Rhodes and others, but was not in DC the next day due to an arrest for illegal possession of large capacity magazines.

Tarrio pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges in that case and was sentenced to five months in prison. He was released in mid-January and at the time said he would step down from his national role as president of the Proud Boys to focus on issues with his home chapter in Miami, Florida.

The indictment charged Tarrio with seven counts:

Conspiracy to obstruct official processObstruction of due process and aiding and abettingObstruction of law enforcement during civil unrest and aiding and abettingDestruction of public property and aiding and abettingAssaulting, resisting or obstructing certain officers (x2)

Tarrio joined the case of four Proud Boys leaders previously charged with conspiracy: Ethan NordeanJoseph Biggs, Zacharie Rehl and Charles Donohoe. Replacement indictment filed last week also adds New York Proud Boy Dominique Pezzola – who was filmed breaking the glass that let the first rioters into the Capitol.

The magistrate’s decision on Tuesday means Tarrio could soon return to the DC jail, where the majority of the Capitol riot defendants are being held.

Tarrio was to be arraigned March 22 at a status conference with his new co-defendants. Lawyers are also expected to discuss canceling the currently scheduled May 18 trial date for four Proud Boys leaders charged in the case.

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