Gaggan Anand returns to Bangkok with a pop-up restaurant in August


Celebrity chef Gaggan Anand returns to Bangkok with a pop-up restaurant in August.

The restaurant will only have 14 covers and will open from August 8. Reservations for the exclusive Chef’s Table experience will open in July.

The announcement was made by Anand on Instagram. In the post, the Kolkata-born chef wistfully said, “I miss cooking in Bangkok.”

Gaggan Anand and his connection to Bangkok

Anand is hailed as one of the finest culinary masters in the contemporary world. He formerly operated his namesake restaurant in Bangkok, which closed in August 2019.

This restaurant was voted No. 1 of the 50 best restaurants in Asia, a record four times between 2015 and 2018.

A culinary maverick, Anand is also known for his sustainability-focused approach to cooking.

“Food sustainability is everything. It’s ingredients, it’s recipes, it’s cooking, it’s a lifestyle, it’s ideas. It’s a whole idea to recycle life and everything around it,” Gaggan said. Lifestyle Asia Bangkok in October 2021.

And no matter what, Anand combines his love for cooking and the environment with a never-give-up attitude. Earlier in 2021, he was forced out of his Michelin-starred establishment named Gaggan, but he quickly returned to the top of the game the same year with another restaurant named Gaggan Anand.

Cooking at the Mandala Club

Anand’s pop-up in Bangkok will follow the end of his residency at the Mandala Club in Singapore on June 30.

The Mandala Club is hosting a special event named Last Supper under his leadership, where 15 of Singapore’s top culinary masters will join forces with Anand for a gourmet meal.

It’s unclear what would be offered to guests at Anand’s next pop-up in Bangkok, but his signature dish is something known as Lick It Up. The name is pretty literal; diners lick the plates to feel the greatest pleasure of gourmet delights such as chutneys, purees and jams.

(Main and featured images: Gaggan/gaggan_anand/Instagram)


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