Gangrape, Terror Convicts To Stay Behind Bars For Life Under New Policy Proposed By MP Govt


Bhopal: Amid debate over release of convicts from Bilkis Bano case, Madhya Pradesh government’s proposed new policy provides for life imprisonment until death for those convicted of offenses such as gang rape and terrorist acts. Convicts in such cases will not be released after serving 14 years in prison, which is the minimum sentence of life imprisonment. The release from Godhra prison of 11 people who were convicted for the Bilkis gang rape Bano and the killing of several members of his family during the 2002 riots in Gujarat sparked widespread outrage last month. But lawyers for the convicts had claimed the release was in line with the 1992 policy that allowed such a concession in Gujarat.

Under the proposed new policy for 2022, those serving a life sentence for crimes such as underage rape, gang rape, terrorist activities, hooch manufacturing, foreign currency crimes and the murder of two or more people will have to remain in prison until their last breath, a senior official said on Friday. The proposed policy was reviewed by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan during a meeting with Home Minister Narottam Mishra, Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains and Additional Chief Secretary (Interior) Dr Rajesh Rajora on Thursday evening, he said.

Currently, a policy drawn up in 2012 sets the rules for remission of life sentences in Madhya Pradesh. More than 12,000 lifers are incarcerated in the state’s 131 prisons. The proposed policy also provides for a life sentence without remission for those convicted of killing a public official in the line of duty.

The same rule will apply to persons involved in a crime against the state government or any wing of the defense forces. In addition, those convicted under IPC Article 376 (rape) will face a minimum sentence of 20 years and a maximum sentence of 25 years. years, including the remission period, the official said.

Lifers in other cases will not be released until their actual 14 or 20-year sentence has been completed, and this also on the recommendation of the tax collector, superintendent of police and district attorney, according to the proposed policy. current policy of 2012, prisoners are granted early release twice a year: Republic Day and Independence Day.

The new policy proposes that they be released twice – on April 14 (Ambedkar Jayanti) and October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti). A committee headed by ACS home Rajora with the Principal Secretary (Law) and Chief Executive Officer (DG) of Prisons as members drafted the new policy after studying polices in ten other states, the official said.

Chief Minister Chouhan, meanwhile, also ordered officials to prepare a draft proposal for a new anti-gambling law with a provision against online gambling.

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