Houston Bars Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, NCAA Tournament


St. Patrick’s Day, the NCAA Tournament and Spring Break all fall on the calendar together

HOUSTON — There’s no doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun and wearing green, but Houston bar owners and patrons both agree that 2022 brings a little extra luck.

“It’s the perfect storm for business,” Tracey McElroy, who runs a local Irish pub Pimlico with her husband, says.

It’s a feeling shared by the bars of Houston which, this year, are experiencing a trifecta: Saint-Patty’s Day, the NCAA the tournament and spring break all happen at the same time.

“Everyone is there to enjoy the games and obviously business is good, you know,” Festivities said general manager Phillip Bauer.

His bar served fans all day – who were happy to combine green with their team’s favorite colors.

Kansas fan Brian Watts was dressed head to toe in a Jayhawks costume but wore a green t-shirt under his jacket.

“March Madness is my favorite holiday of the year — if it qualifies as a holiday — and just pairing it with St. Patrick’s Day makes it even better,” Watts said.

And business was pouring into Pimlico where McElroy said they made as much in the days around St. Patrick’s Day as in a month.

“It’s our favorite day of the year. It’s busy as always,” McElroy said.

And with the last two years marked by mandates, regulations and missed deals for other bar owners like Hugh O’Connor’s David Roache, the calendar, it seems, is finally aligning.

“Definitely. I think that all helps. It all comes together. Looks like we’re back,” Roache said.

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