It’s New Jersey’s favorite casual restaurant chain


It’s one of my favorites.

It’s a chain, so I might have beef for that, but I love this place and you can’t beat the appetizers with their boneless wings and brewery pretzels and beer cheese dip.

According to, New Jerseyans are bouncing back from the pandemic and going back to eating. is an analytics agency that tracks US consumer spending. He analyzed the spending habits of millions of Americans to see how we’re all bouncing back from Covid-19 and audited restaurant spending.

During their findings, New Jersey rebounded a little slower than most states. We in the Garden State had the 33rd slowest recovery rate in the United States

evansville owensboro, jupiterimages

evansville owensboro, jupiterimages

When we think of the most popular casual restaurants and chain restaurants, what do you think of? I’m thinking Friday’s, IHop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, etc.

New Jersey’s four favorites are Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dickies Barbeque Pit and Red Robin. There is another restaurant in New Jersey that is on the favorites list but I have never heard of or been to one, Hungry Howies. Have you heard of Hungry Howies?

What’s New Jersey’s Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant Chain?

New Jersey’s favorite is Applebee’s.

New Jersey’s favorite casual restaurant is Applebee’s, second is Buffalo Wild Wings, third is Dicky’s Barbecue Pit, and Rob Robin Gourmet Burgers is fourth.

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