Jharkhand’s ‘Kaidi Kitchen’ serves food behind bars to give patrons a taste of prison life


‘Kaidi Kitchen’ has opened in Jharkhand’s Jameshedpur, aiming to give customers the “one-of-a-kind experience” of eating food inside a prison cell. The restaurant is complete with seating areas mimicking those in prisons, with waiters dressed in prisoner uniforms and a handcuffed jailer serving customers, news agency ANI reports.

Photos that have gone viral on Twitter show guests seated at tables inside what looks like a prison cell, complete with bars and locks. A person wearing a constable’s uniform stands guard at the bars. The decor involves walls that give the appearance of brick without plaster, tall windows, and animated police and burglar characters displayed all around.

Some Twitter users were confused by the theme. “If it’s prison themed, I guess these restaurants serve food in stinky utensils and no air conditioning as well, sitting on iron benches,” one commented wryly.

In what is almost the antithesis of the Kaidi Kitchen, there is a Bail-Out Cafe in Uttar Pradesh. The latter, however, is not a simulation but the real deal. The Bail-Out Cafe, a unique recreation venue, has been built inside the police cordon in the town of Saharapur, Uttar Pradesh. It is built after the renovation of an old police cafeteria.

The UP Police Department recently released a video of the newly constructed cafe. Ms Preeti Yadav, a Harapur ASP, said in the video that police officers are judged every time they visit a conventional cafe, so now they can have a peaceful time at Bail-Out Cafe. Notably, Bail-Out is not only available for police officers, but also for civilians.

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