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ROCKLAND — A man charged with breaking into an Appleton home at night armed with a gun will not be able to return to Appleton if he waives bail.

Spencer Roberti

Judge John Martin set bail on Friday, Oct. 21 for Spencer B. Roberti, 30, at $25,000 cash or $10,000 cash if he can secure a contract with Maine Pre-Trial Services. Bail conditions set by Judge Martin prohibit Roberti from returning to Appleton.

The judge also demanded electronic monitoring, house arrest and that Roberti take all medication if released on bail.

The move came after one of the home invasion victims spoke at Friday’s hearing in Knox County Court. There were also letters submitted by residents of Appleton fearing that Roberti would be allowed to return to the city.

The defense had requested that Roberti be released on bail under the supervision of a neighbor of the victims of the home invasion. That neighbor – David Robichaud – had spoken at a court hearing on Oct. 7, saying he would watch Roberti at all times and take him to work with him in Rockland.

“I can’t believe we were even considering allowing him to go back down that road,” the husband of the family whose home was robbed said during the October 21 hearing. “It’s ridiculous that we’re even having this conversation.”

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald had strongly opposed Roberti being allowed to stay with the victims’ neighbor. He asked that bail be set at $50,000 in cash or $500,000 in property.

The prosecutor asked that the residents’ letters be reviewed by the judge.

The owner of the Thorndike in Rockland, where the neighbor’s business is located, submitted a letter expressing concern for residents of the housing complex. The Thorndike has 12 commercial spaces and 48 residential units.

Defense attorney Lisa Whittier said that instead of staying with the neighbor, Roberti could stay at a sober house in Augusta or Auburn. Roberti had stayed at the neighbor’s for a short time before the incident in June.

She acknowledged that Roberti had mental health issues.

Judge Martin said Roberti is eligible for bail if it is enough to get him back in court, does not threaten the legal process and ensures public safety.

Roberti is charged with Class A burglary which carries a potential prison term of 30 years as well as aggravated criminal trespassing, criminal threat with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Roberti has been in prison since his arrest in July. Bail was initially set at $25,000 cash, but Judge Martin later reduced it to $10,000 cash with the requirement that Roberti enter into a contract for pre-trial services in Maine and that an appraisal forensic examination be carried out to determine its competence. Maine Pre-Trial had refused to enter into a contract with him due to the high risk involved. Whittier argued that this resulted in Roberti being held without bond.

An affidavit filed in Knox County Court by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office after the incident says a family was awakened by a noise in their home around 3 a.m. on June 15. The husband came downstairs and found a man sitting on the ground with a gun next to him. The man told the owner he was not here to hurt him but wanted to send a message to “you and your president”.

The husband climbed back up, armed himself and took his family to safety until the police arrived.

The suspect left before officers arrived, but an investigation revealed that the suspect had opened the owner’s gun cabinet and loaded some of the weapons.

The suspect’s personal effects were found outside, including a folding straight razor, notebook and art supplies.

Sheriff’s officers interviewed neighbors and determined that a man who matched the suspect’s description was staying at a neighbor’s residence. This neighbor said he allowed the man to stay in his home despite the man saying he was homeless. The neighbor said he bought the man the art supplies.

Police discovered that Roberti had posted TikTok videos and one was posted on June 14 in which he said “I chose my side, didn’t I? It is time to prepare for war. Peace is not the solution. Destruction will come.

A warrant for his arrest was obtained from court on July 1 and police were able to locate him in the Portland area.

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