Kalgoorlie-Boulder man behind bars after home burglary where he stole more than $7,000 worth of items


A Kalgoorlie-Boulder man who stole more than $7,000 worth of items from a home will spend at least a year behind bars due to his history of home invasions.

Derek Nathan Polak, 26, appeared in Kalgoorlie District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to an offense of burglary and theft from January 20.

Court heard Polak entered a house in Kalgoorlie-Boulder through an unlocked front door and stole two gold rings, a handbag – containing bank cards and ID – and a computer portable.

He also stole a CCTV camera, which he turned around to hide his face before putting it in his pocket, and a pearly pen.

Prosecutor Jaz Walsh said Polak told police he didn’t remember the burglary because he was so drunk at the time.

Mr. Walsh said none of the items were found, with this break-in being particularly serious because the value of the stolen items was over $7,000.

Defense attorney Leneva Polmear said her client had a history of home burglaries, which put him in a “third strike position” with a minimum of two years in immediate jail, a mandatory sentence.

She said Polak had lived in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for a decade and was raised by his grandparents, but abused solvents when he was younger.

Ms Polmear said the 26-year-old was remorseful and had spent 250 days in detention, and intended to return to Laverton with his partner and child once he was released.

The judge sentenced Polak to the mandatory minimum sentence of two years and made him eligible for parole in January.

He warned Polak that if he broke into another house – “even just to drink water” – he would find himself behind bars again.

“You can’t break into houses,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter (why) – you will get two years in prison for this.

“When you go out, no more burglary in houses.”


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