Kevin Smith talks fast food before his Boston pop-up restaurant’s ribbon cut


Smith plans to be in Boston on April 8 to cut the Mooby’s ribbon. Here is how it works:

Boston Blues House goes “cosplay like a Mooby’s” as Smith puts it. Order online via and schedule a time to snag your fare. by Framingham Jack’s Abby brewery even created a Mooby’s beer.

I recently caught up with the cult filmmaker to talk about his new Boston pop-up, the latest Mooby’s to appear in the country since last summer.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for these Mooby’s pop-ups?

A. Years ago, when we were doing “Dogma”, Chris Rock would say “You should do this someday”. We never chased him, [then] Derek Berry – the guy who made the Saved by the Max Café, the Breaking Bad Restaurant, and Good Burger – calls out to me: “Don’t you have a fake restaurant, Mooby’s?” Can we do this? ‘ I was like, ‘Absolutely. I have waited years for someone to touch this handy fruit. . . .

It became a way for restaurants to generate income during the pandemic. It’s not like you get rich by making a pop-up. But for a restaurant, where we can come for a week and guarantee 2,500 meals in five days, and you have a guaranteed flow of customers coming in – that’s a given.

[Customers] tend to be happy, because it breaks the boredom of the pandemic: we can’t do anything entertaining but we have to eat, so at least we can take some selfies with Jay and Silent Bob’s nonsense. And these cats look ahead. So, before even opening the doors, the waiters know it: we have tips.

Q. Will you come to Boston?

A. I’ll be in Boston to cut the ribbon on April 8th. My wife has not traveled for over a year and got vaccinated, so she said to me, “I’m coming with you! So right now Boston is the most romantic city in the world for her. She said to me ‘We’re going to Boston! I have to choose my Boston outfits!

Q. So why Boston?

A. House of Blues reached out and said, We would. We never pressure anyone. We’re just waiting for people to contact us. The good thing about Mooby’s is it’s wrong, so [no matter what building you dress up] people can’t say, ‘Well, that doesn’t look like Mooby’s!’ Well, what does it do? How many Mooby’s have you visited exactly? Give us a day, and Derek will make it a Mooby’s.

Q. What’s your favorite menu item?

A. There is a chicken sandwich in “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” called “Cock Smoker”. We have it on our menu. It’s great to see people trying to order it in person. Usually everything is done on the advance booking system but in LA towards the end of the race we opened it up [to walk-ins] and had four older ladies, each laughing louder than the other when they ordered “Cock Smokers”. I won’t get rich with restaurants, but it is wealth that you cannot measure.

Q. You have the connection with beer.

A. Which is so awesome. In every town you go to, there are local brewers who say, “Oh my God, we’re going. . . totally make a Mooby’s beer. This allows us to have one more souvenir to hang on the wall. One day you walk around the office saying, ‘Remember when we did Mooby’s in Boston? It was crazy.

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Lauren Daley can be reached at [email protected]. she tweets @ laurendaley1.

Lauren Daley can be contacted at [email protected] Follow her on Twiiter @ laurendaley1.


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