Man to spend 18 months behind bars for burglary


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Shaquillie Byron

A young man who seriously frightened a woman when he discovered him masked and stealing from her home, will spend 18 months in prison.
On her return home on January 3, Donnet Thomas, a bus driver from Tourama was greeted with a strange atmosphere.

As she opened her door around 11:00 a.m., she heard a noise. When she entered, she saw the window open and the curtain fly away. Upon closer inspection, she discovered the window on the floor in the porch.

She then searched the house and found that her husband’s documents had been distorted. Among the items that the family had received from abroad, a bottle of Ponch de Crème was also missing.

While continuing his observations, Thomas returned to the kitchen where she had initially entered her home and on arriving in the room saw a man with a mask on picking up the purse she had just put on the table, and leaving by the way. window.

She told the court that she was very scared at the time.

Thomas then ran to the porch and started “screaming”. Some men from Sandy Bay who were working in a nearby field heard her, but at first assumed she was talking about a goat. However, she said she was screaming about her purse.

“… The money was not my money, it was for my child to go to school,” she told senior magistrate Rickie Burnett on Wednesday January 5 at the Kingstown Magistrates’ Court (KMC ). It was a check she had received from the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.

“He did so well on his exam and Basil sponsored him ‘ca us from the red zone,” she explained.
The check was for EC $ 450, and she had money for her own use, carrying the purse and its contents to a value of EC $ 556.
A man in the “bush” had grabbed the masked man by the time she reached the field. They removed the mask and was told the culprit was from Overland.
“I told him like that, ‘Man, you don’t come down because I could have lost your life for you in my own house,’ Thomas recalls.

As a result, the culprit and the purse were turned over to the police and the individual was identified as Shaquille Byron.

“My house is burgled all the time,” and the items are not being recovered, said the resident of Tourama.

“Well, we have one today. And he will be treated according to the law, ”the magistrate told him.

Thomas also said the accused gave him an attitude and “he’s not sorry for what he did.”

She also told the court that there were two burglars but only the accused was arrested and he refuses to give the other person’s name.

Thomas also revealed that she believed the sound she heard on her return home was that of the young man escaping through the window to hide on the porch. Therefore, she assumed he had come into the house to steal.

“He was watching my movements all the time,” she commented.

“… They just want to be in the neighborhood and watch when you leave your house, especially if you have a vehicle and a work van.”

Thomas felt it was possible the burglar stabbed her with a knife, given the way some of the young men operate. She also noted that he appeared to specifically want the money.

Byron, 21, attended Georgetown High School. He informed the court that he had written five topics but did not check whether he passed them or not.

The magistrate remarked that Byron had left Overland to go to Tourama to commit the act, “… Three days in the New Year? … Is that all you thought about?”

“It was a mistake, Your Honor,” he replied.

“A mistake to go with a mask on your face, walk into someone’s house, grab their purse, run with it – luckily you got caught by someone nearby. What is the error? Tell me, let me hear the mistake, ”Burnett asked.

The young man then said his own family tried to kill him by burning down a house two years ago.

The magistrate told him that he was happy to be still alive and that he was listening to him regarding the error.

Byron then admitted that he was wrong to do what he did.

The defendant was credited with his guilty plea, which corresponds to a mandatory third party surrender. The court should also take into consideration that he had no previous convictions.

On the other side: “Burglary is quite common in St Vincent and the Grenadines. I see the police report every day so I have an idea of ​​what is going on, ”noted the magistrate, and the young man was masked.

The maximum penalty for the burglary offense is 14 years imprisonment, different from the theft offense which carries a maximum of two years imprisonment.

Based on all the circumstances, the court ruled that an 18-month prison sentence was appropriate.


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