Monkeys grab girl through bars after she repeatedly hits their enclosure


A group of spider monkeys at a zoo got revenge on a girl who kept hitting their enclosure when they grabbed her by the hair. Warning, contains scenes that some may find distressing:

Phone footage showed the girl approaching the monkey enclosure with her phone in one hand and the other swinging towards the chain-link fence keeping the spider monkeys at bay.

The video, which went viral when it was posted on TikTok, shows a monkey reaching out to grab the girl by the hair as she gets close enough to hit the compound fence.

The monkey starts screaming and howling before other people can free the girl and scare the animal away by waving towels at her.

Luckily the girl didn’t seem too hurt after breaking free, but that wasn’t the end of things, however, a few seconds later the girl walked past the monkeys in their cage and found herself close enough for them to grab it once. After.

This time, two monkeys team up to grab her hair, though the girl is quickly able to free herself.

Spider monkeys are able to grab the girl’s hair. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

The video, which has been viewed by more than eight million people, has many wondering why she went so close to the monkey enclosure in the first place, or even came back for a few seconds.

One person commented “sorry but she started”, a sentiment many others agreed with.

Others wondered why the people around the girl hadn’t stepped in to help her sooner, like when she first gets caught, they stand and laugh for a few seconds.

Someone said “everyone laughs while she gets her wig ripped off”, and another commented, “they’re just letting something happen”.

More and more commenters said they thought the moment would be a “lesson to learn” for the girl — and really everyone — that disturbing animals in their enclosure is a bad idea.

The monkeys were able to catch up with the young girl as she walked past their enclosure.  Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29
The monkeys were able to catch up with the young girl as she walked past their enclosure. Credit: TikTok/@greciadlg29

Spider monkeys are wild animals and although they look quite small and cuddly, if kept in captivity they can develop a habit of trying to attack people.

In general, when it comes to zoo animals, “look, don’t touch” is normally a good lesson to keep in mind.

Even if the animals seem fine that you are getting close, this is not always the case and it can really upset them to have their space invaded.

Although she insisted she had done nothing wrong and caused no harm, spider monkey expert Dr Victoria Milne warned that people getting too close and invading their enclosures were “really disruptive” to the animals.


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