Montgomery County executive bans employees from traveling to states with abortion bans


Montgomery County employees have been ordered not to travel to states that ban abortion.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health on Friday, County Executive Marc Elrich issued the case-related travel ban saying states like Alabama, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and more than a dozen more are putting the health and safety of Montgomery County employees at risk.

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“These states have demonstrated hostility to reproductive freedom, individual autonomy, and access to safe reproductive health treatments,” a statement from Elrich’s office read. “Our county taxpayers expect county resources to adhere to county values ​​and Maryland state law. Therefore, we will not provide funding to these state economies.”

The ban includes trips funded by the county or an outside entity. Some exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision puts women at risk, rolls back fundamental rights, and ultimately will have a significant impact on the health and lives of many women in our country,” said Elrich in a separate statement. “This decision rolls back the progress that has been made to ensure women’s right to have an abortion. This is not about the law, this is about twisted ideology. The irony is that this decision comes a day after we celebrated Title IX and its impact on the progress of women. I am very concerned that there will be further rollbacks from this court that will impact our rights.

“While we cannot directly affect the actions of other states, we can ensure that Montgomery County does not provide additional revenue to states that are not welcome for women’s freedom. Therefore, I have instructed General Manager Richard S. Madaleno to draft a new policy for county employees (with limited exceptions) that prohibits county payment for travel in states with policies that override a wife’s right to choose, and I call on other jurisdictions that cherish a woman’s autonomy to also withhold funds from those states that can protect abortion rights, nor will we give taxpayers’ money to states that try to take us back to a dark past.”


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