Mooby’s Pop-Up Restaurant (from Clerks) Adds to Comic-Con 2022 Activities


Would you find it interesting to sit in the current Mooby’s restaurant in the Clerics film sequels? The opportunity to do so was there during Comic-Con 2022. Kevin Smith’s fictional restaurant has toured the United States, appearing in various cities where a random (real) restaurant is taken over to be redesigned and transformed into this . Allowing you to enter the universe (or View Askewniverse) of Jay & Silent Bob. Downtown San Diego being the last “pop-up” of the tour.

Naturally, it’s a great way to promote movies and attract both old and new fans. While also promoting the new film Clerks 3 which will be released later this year (September 13, 2022).

Pop-Up Restaurant Mooby's - Kevin Smith - Jay & Silent Bob - Deco

I was lucky enough to step into this wonderful madness where I was able to not only experience this pop-up in one of the best possible places for it to be (San Diego during Comic-Con International) but also do the food experience, as well as surprise entertainment. It took place at the Tin Roof (the restaurant’s normal name) at 401 G St.

Mooby's Pop-Up Restaurant - Kevin Smith - Jay & Silent Bob - Food

The menu had several items that made you feel like you were ordering the real thing. Of course, you kind of are since it’s really fast food that comes to you. The burger tasted somewhat similar to what you would get from Wendy’s.

Everything comes out to you in a typical paper bag with the restaurant’s name and mascot printed on the side, plus optional plastic cups that change color when filled with a cold drink. I say optional because they were only included with cocktail orders (the sodas getting you a basic paper cup, but still themed).

The restaurant staff (the restaurant that was taken over) were fantastic and seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much. An opportunity to break out of the normal daily routines they were used to and take their own stage to be part of something unique.

Mooby's Pop-Up Restaurant - Kevin Smith - Jay & Silent Bob - Hollywood Babble-On Smodcast

As for the surprise entertainment, it wasn’t much of a surprise as it was advertised with the option to get your hands on a ticket to attend in advance. Saturday night, Kevin Smith and radio personality Ralph Garman took the stage to record a live episode of the Hollywood Babble-On Smodcast (aka, podcast). Providing approximately one hour of fun and incredibly humorous entertainment. No surprise because it’s Kevin Smith (it’s kind of a given).

Of course, that wasn’t the only visit Kevin made to the restaurant as he was also there for additional podcast events that took place there during the Comic-Con event. Including “Fat Man Beyond”, “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”, and “Clerks, Too”.

Unfortunately, Comic-Con is now officially over. So if you missed it, you’ll have to wait for it to appear somewhere again. Currently their Facebook page doesn’t show any future events, so it’s unclear where it will end next.


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