Nawab Malik with Dawood: behind bars

Nawab Malik, Minister of State of Maharashtra and one of the leaders of the Nationalist Congress Party, was arrested by law enforcement today. Law enforcement officials, who took Nawab Malik for questioning this morning, arrested him after questioning him.

Recently, the Law Enforcement Department filed a complaint alleging that shadow world Dada Dawood Ibrahim, his brothers Anees, Iqbal and his assistant Chota Shakeel were involved in money laundering. Following this, the Enforcement Department raided various locations and arrested Dawood Ibrahim’s brother, Iqbal. nawab malik with Dawood behind bars

Nawab Malik is currently under arrest in his wake. Informed sources said he was arrested on charges of allegedly buying land from Dawood Ibrahim associates. When taken for a medical examination after his arrest, Nawab Malik said, “I will not bow down.

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Sharad Pawar attacked
After the action against nawab malik, NCB leader Sharad Pawar also targeted the BJP. He said nawab malik is being punished for speaking out against the central government. Central agencies are being misused. He said this when he was Chief Minister of Maharashtra, when a similar atmosphere was created against him. nawab malik with Dawood behind bars


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