‘Netflix and chilling’ with underage student puts teacher behind bars for 45 months


A 37-year-old high school teacher who invited a 15-year-old student to watch Netflix at his home but had sex with her without using protection was jailed for three years and nine months on Thursday.

In the District Court this morning, Judge Stanley Chan Kwong-chi slammed Professor Fung Ting-fai for completely ruining Girl ‘X’s’ life.

On the other hand, Chan encouraged X to say it’s a big world and not give up just because of a man, hoping she can bravely live life to the fullest with the support of true friends. .

Fung had previously been convicted of two counts of indecent assault and five counts of having unlawful sex with a girl under the age of 16 between January and August 2019.

After learning that Fung had another girlfriend, X broke up with her friends and engaged in casual sex with strangers she met on social media, according to her trauma report.

“I have seen so many [cases] in court, and I’ve never seen one as tragic as this,” Chan said.

The defense recited Fung’s mitigation letter and said Fung paid dearly for his crimes because he could no longer work as a teacher, a profession he was passionate about. Fung added that he was also “haunted by self-blame day and night” in the letter.

The defense noted that Fung taught English to other prisoners and helped them translate legal documents while in custody. Moreover, Fung never forced X to have sex with him and X was not pregnant or diagnosed with a sexual disease.

However, Chan took issue with the fact that Fung did not express regret in his mitigation letter as he never mentioned a word about X, but simply focused on ending his career.

Chan went on to say that Fung should nurture students’ morality as a teacher, take care of her partner as a boyfriend, and guide young girls towards positive relationship values ​​as a man. Instead, Fung threw X into a romantic mood and got her to offer up her body.

It was unclear if Fung ever shared the same romantic affection for X, or if he just treated X like a free “part-time girlfriend,” Chan added.


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