NIT Kurukshetra will check steel bars, residents ask SC to intervene, 10 points


Gurugram Police Commissioner Kala Ramachandran met residents of Chintels Paradiso in Sector 109, where a large part of a sixth-floor apartment collapsed to the first floor earlier this month. Residents have been demonstrating for several days to demand the arrest of the company’s promoter, against whom two FIRs have been registered. On Sunday, residents of neighboring societies joined them in a march to demand a court-monitored CBI investigation.

MP Rao Inderjeet Singh reviews the situation

In a further development, Union Minister Rao Inderjeet Singh said on Wednesday that the Chintels Paradiso incident had increased distrust of builders and that the Haryana Urban Areas Development and Regulation Act 1975 would be changed. This comes after the Minister chaired a meeting with officials regarding the security of Gurugram housing compounds.

“The incident that happened in the Chintels Paradiso company is a matter of great concern. If there is a lack of trust regarding the builders in Gurgaon, then neither the builders would come to Gurgaon nor the people would settle here from other places. Gurgaon is a fast growing city in North India and there should be no lack of faith at any level. Action should be taken against offenders according to law,” did he declare.

Investigation to be conducted on the basis of scientific evidence

On February 10, at least two people were killed in Gurugram after part of the sixth floor of an apartment collapsed. Ramachandran, in an interaction with the residents of the society, assured them that the investigation into the collapse of several ceilings in the building on February 10 will be conducted on the basis of scientific evidence.

NIT Kurukshetra will check the steel bars

“We have assured the residents that the concrete samples from the six collapsed ceilings have been sent to Forensic Laboratory (FSL), Madhuban, for investigation. However, the lab does not have the ability to test the steel bars, so samples of the bars will now be sent to NIT Kurukshetra. We have contacted NIT Kurukshetra and their team will collect the samples soon,” Ramachandran said.

Two residents appointed to provide updates

Ramachandran asked residents to nominate two members of society who can interact with police and receive the latest updates on the case. Following this, Rakesh Hooda, President of Residents Welfare Association (RWA), and Sonam Arora, Secretary General, were chosen as representatives.

Arrest of the builder

“The main demand from local residents is that the builder be stopped. It has been 13 days since the tragic incident and the perpetrators have not been arrested. Residents had raised concerns about poor workmanship last year, but police declined to press charges. We demand a CBI investigation. Residents live in fear,” she said.

current probe

“Police said they are still collecting evidence and the SIT report is awaited. What other evidence is needed? ” she asked.

Further, providing an update on the investigation, the Commissioner of Police said that the residents had demanded that the concrete and steel bar samples be taken in their presence, which was granted.

Residents concerned about FIR

Rakesh Hooda, the company’s chairman, said: “The commissioner said that after receiving the SIT report, further proceedings would commence. Local residents have expressed concern that the FIR registered against the builder by the DTP does not specifically mention the names of the directors of the developer’s company. We have also asked the Commissioner to take action against his officials and agencies who have failed to follow up on past complaints, to ensure that there is accountability and that such incidents do not happen again.

Residents ask SC to take notice of Suo-Motu

Residents, however, expressed disappointment at what they saw as a swift lack of justice. Residents have also asked the Supreme Court to hear suo-motu about the case.

Manoj Singh, a resident, said he did not know what police had investigated in the past 13 days. It looks like the police are trying to protect the builder. We have absolutely no hope in the police and the district administration. “We urge the Supreme Court to take suo-motu notice of this state of lawlessness and do us justice,” he added.

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