Orlando neighborhood residents sue two popular bars over loud music


Two bars in Orlando’s Mills 50 neighborhood, Grumpy’s Underground and Uncle Lou’s, are the targets of a lawsuit claiming they play music too loudly. The people in the neighborhood behind them say something has to change.

“I just want this to stop,” said John Peros, whose attorney filed the case in Orange County court, “that’s all we ever wanted from the start. Show just a little respect after 10 a.m. when the world is trying to go to sleep That you’re not just randomly blasting high and low frequency music at 11 a.m., midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m. morning.”

Peros has lived down the street behind Grumpy’s and Uncle Lou’s since 1993. He says loud music and throbbing bass are a big deal. “Well, when I bought it, we backed into a vacuum cleaner repair shop and a used record store. I actually owned a business in the building next to them. We were very respectful of the neighborhood, we were quiet, especially at night.”

Attorney Michael Grossman, who represents Grumpy’s, said he sympathizes with Peros, but Orlando’s Mills 50 neighborhood is changing. “It’s getting a lot more business centric and a lot busier than it used to be, so it’s created a bit of tension between some of the residential neighbors and some of the businesses.”

Lawyers for the bars say it is still very early in the case. Grossman says the companies aren’t breaking any laws. “At least Grumpy’s, one of the two bars named in the lawsuit, just as an act of good faith, has installed insulation throughout the building to reduce any noise that may exist. But for some reason it’s not to the satisfaction of that particular neighbor.”

Orlando-based attorney Mark Nejame has owned entertainment businesses in the city. Nejame said how the case unfolds could depend on who came first, the company or the owner. He said those issues will continue to be a problem as Central Florida grows. “Looks like now is the time for the city to start reevaluating these other neighborhoods. You’re going to have this competition going.”


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