Parkhurst’s themed kitchen is fine dining – The Merciad


Just before the fall holidays on Wednesday, October 12, the grotto was themed around the apple festival, where almost every station offered apple-related foods. I admired their creativity in mixing apples with other foods, giving them a unique flavor. It’s a really fun way to get into the spirit of fall, especially before the fall holidays. When the grotto had a carnival theme, there were games like darts and balloons, inflatable decorations, cotton candy, and other carnival-related food. However, it’s not just the cave that makes these fun themes. Ryan Hall also hosts themed days, like the Hawaiian lunch they had a few weeks ago. In the two dining rooms, I admire their creativity and their cuisine. What I love about the themes that dining rooms occasionally do is that the food is not only well prepared, but also beautiful in art form. I remember last Halloween, when I had mushrooms (alien eyes), meatballs (asteroids), blue cheese macaroni (maggots?), and bites of chicken. For dessert, there were zombie-themed cupcakes, an alien-shaped cake, chocolate crunchies with candy brains and bones, and candies that kids usually get for Halloween. I also like the outfits the staff wears for themed days. always believe that dining rooms should experiment with more themes, such as international cuisine. With that, they could include non-culinary activities, as they did for Carnival Day. It would be interesting to dedicate a day to a particular cuisine from another country, which would help students learn about the culture and expand their taste buds. In fact, Mercyhurst prides itself on its diversity and tolerance. Doing so would further align with Mercyhurst’s core values. Themes can even go beyond cooking. There may be activities, like country-related arts and maybe even games. I would also like Ryan Hall or the Grotto to have a space and alien centric theme. I would love to see cakes in the shape of planets with a touch of culinary art on them. There could also be crumbs of meat that look like an asteroid belt surrounding the center of a spaghetti ball. In general, I would like to tell the dining room staff to keep up the good work and try to s improve every day. I hope that the cafeterias of this university will expand to even more themes, so that we can grow and learn from their creativity. To stay up to date with dining room themes and ongoing activities, follow instagram: @mercyhurstdining or find them on Laker Launchpad.


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