Police order closure of 3 go-go bars and nightclubs in Bangkok’s Thonburi


The police have been closing three bars for five years in the Thonburi district of Bangkok without much explanation. The three “satan borikan”, or “places of service” (a Thai genteelism for places of prostitution) have been closed for committing offenses that violate the “Entertainment Act” of 1966 and a government order of 2015.

New Jazz, Lan-Lao and Poseidon Pub in Thonburi have committed offenses that violate the 1966 law and breach an order issued in 2015 by the National Council for Peace and Order, the military junta that ruled after the coup. ‘State of 2014. The Poseidon Pub is believed to have been closed in the past and was raided by police in 2019 with 38 people testing positive for drugs in on-site testing. Drugs including ketamine and methamphetamine were also found on the pub floor.

The 2015 document entitled “Measures to solve the problem of car and bicycle racing and measures to control ‘service places’” provides the following rules for go-go bars…

  • Persons under the age of 20 are not permitted to use the service
  • Alcohol cannot be served to people under the age of 20
  • Must operate within business hours prescribed by law
  • Must sell alcohol within hours prescribed by law
  • Must not allow weapons, explosives or narcotics to enter the site

The court issued the final verdict that all three bars committed an offense violating these acts, but it is unclear which rules the bars were breaking. Deputy Chief of Police Roy Inkapairote signed an order to close the three sites for five years.

The deputy chief added that the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration does not have a special policy for “places of service,” which are classified as places of entertainment and remain closed under Covid-19 regulations.



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