Pop-up McDowell’s restaurant is coming to the DC area


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

This unique pop-up will allow fans to eat, drink and soak up the nostalgia of 80s movies.

A fictional restaurant comes to life in Springfield later this month. McDowell’sthe restaurant featured in the 1988 film Coming to America, sets up a storefront in Northern Virginia. The restaurant was a McDonald’s knockoff and has become a pop culture landmark for anyone familiar with the film.

In the film, the restaurant was located in Queens, New York, the city where Prince Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) landed when he came to America to find a bride. Akeem and his bodyguard Semmi (Arsenio Hall) get jobs at McDowell’s in order to be closer to the owner’s daughter, Lisa.

The McDowell’s pop-up will be located in downtown Springfield on the lower level and will run from May 20 through June 5, Thursday through Sunday.

Guests can dine on a “Big Mick” and a “Sexy Chocolate Cake Shake”, while living their Coming to America dreams.

Unlike a typical fast food restaurant, advance tickets will be required for entry. Three ticket packages are available:

  • VIP: includes the entire regular package plus a McDowell’s t-shirt ($50)
  • Regular: includes sandwich, chip drink and McDowell patch ($35)
  • Children’s meal: includes the choice of a burger or chicken nuggets ($15)

Will you check the Coming to America pop-up when it comes to the DC area? Comments below.


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