Pop-up restaurant launches Christmas menu all about Pigs In Blankets – including UK’s first ever Christmas Dinner and cocktails with sausage


Anyone who’s ever watched Friends will know that meat trifles are a real thing and not just the product of lucid dreaming.

In season six, Rachel unwittingly combined the recipes of a trifle and a shepherd’s pie into her now infamous Thanksgiving trifle – it was terrible and wrong on a thousand different levels.

But that didn’t stop one restaurant from wanting to continue experimenting with the meaty trifle by making the UK’s very first Christmas dinner trifle.

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Described as a “uniquely sweet and savory” take on the British dessert, the dish includes a Cointreau-flavored cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets and mashed potatoes.

The “strange but wonderful” meal (their words, not ours) is then completed with a sprinkle of pieces of crumbled candied bacon and pea shoots.

“Baby are you okay? You barely touched your Christmas dinner trifle”

If that’s your thing, you’ll need to head to Bristol’s restaurant, Pigsty, to give it a try.

The restaurant is established by the independent family business The Jolly Hog, which has produced a number of sausage and bacon products available in supermarkets nationwide since 2007.

Besides the Christmas dinner trifle, the Pigsty restaurant also offers a number of other unique dishes this winter – all based on pigs in blankets.

Festive offerings at the pigsty

The menu offers a “PIB Cocktail”, where the sausage-meets-bacon side is revisited like a shrimp cocktail, and a “Festive Fondue” with baked camembert with pigs in blankets to soak.

For dessert, they also offer “Mince PIB Pies”, which promise to revive the recipes of the High Middle Ages, and “PIBfiteroles” with bacon cream.

If you want a drink with your meal, you can also indulge in the “Bucks PIBzz” which describes itself as a pig-in-blanket-inspired version of the Bucks Fizz and we don’t want to hear about it again.

A cocktail bucks fizz with pigs on the cover

Olly Kohn of Jolly Hog said: “We love hearing how much our customers love our pigs in blankets, and we thought it was high time these pork treats got the attention they deserve at the Christmas is approaching.

“Something so delicious shouldn’t be relegated to a plate of turkey and cabbage.

“In addition to being crammed with GDP, our chefs made sure that every item on the menu tasted the same as our firecrackers, because our customers are used to getting the best! “

The Gaol Ferry Steps pop-up restaurant in Bristol (BS1 6WE) will only be open for three days, opening its doors from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 December. More info on pigsty here.

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