Pop-up restaurant Penn State Berks is hosting an annual dinner on November 5


The four-course dinner includes a choice of braised ribs, chicken cacio e pepe or fall ratatouille, a vegetarian option. The menu also includes seasonal charcuterie as a starter and a choice of fall salad or kale potato soup. Dessert includes a choice of melted lava cake or snickerdoodle cobbler.

The pop-up restaurant is the result of the capstone course titled “Advanced Food Production and Service Management,” which is part of the college’s hospitality management program. The concept was developed by Pauline Milwood, assistant professor of hotel management at Penn State Berks. She explained that the students were tasked with planning, developing and managing a pop-up restaurant.

“The Fall 2021 course curriculum has been modified to expose students to the climate of high uncertainty facing many of our industry partners and restaurateurs,” Milwood said. “With the key elements of safety and environmental health in this immersive learning project, our hospitality management students navigate entrepreneurial risk situations and hone key decision-making skills for life beyond Penn. State Berks.”

“Creating the pop-up was a stressful but educational experience,” commented Emily Lappas. “It really gives insight into what restaurant managers have to go through during day-to-day operations; and even more thanks to covid protocols. It was an eye opener for me and I appreciate the hands-on learning along the way.

To prepare for the pop-up restaurant event, students had the opportunity to dine at Dans of Green Hills to experience food from a customer’s perspective.

Brooke Chiappetta said, “We were fortunate to have the opportunity to observe additional skills that relate specifically to food during Dans at Green Hills. Here we have seen how to execute proper decorum and etiquette for restaurant patrons. Thanks to the dedication and passion of our team, we can’t wait to show everyone what we can do.

The students of the course are all seniors specialized in hotel management. They include Brooke Chiappetta of Phoenixville, Kaylie Gimblet of Brodheadsville, Rosainy Guerrero Rijo of Reading, Natalie Kocevar of Wyomissing, Emily Lappas of Spring City, Jacob Makosch of Reading and Abigail Sentz of Red Lion.

The event was made possible through funding from the Elsa L. and John W. Bowman Curriculum Endowment.

“I personally love this experience of creating a pop-up restaurant with other hospitality management majors,” said Jacob Makosch. “We all have different career goals in the hospitality industry, like wanting to be a restaurant manager, spa manager, or event and wedding planner when we graduate. However, we all came together not just to get high marks for a class, but more to create an innovative pop-up dining experience that no one has seen before and will enjoy.”

For more information or to make reservations, contact Milwood at 610-396-6314 or [email protected]

About Penn State Berks Hospitality Management Degree
The hospitality industry is a major economic driver in the Berks County area, and the hospitality management degree program is offered in response to demand for hospitality industry graduates. Penn State Berks is the only campus outside of University Park to offer the degree program with the entrepreneurship option.

The Hospitality Management degree program helps prepare students for leadership positions in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other hospitality organizations. It also provides a solid foundation for students who plan to pursue higher education.


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