Pop-up restaurant Pigs In Blankets dedicates an entire menu to the festive favorite


Meat lovers are ready to go wild for the world’s first restaurant that only serves food and drink made with the nation’s festive favorite – pigs in blankets.

Hailed by millions as the best Christmas meal, the bacon-wrapped sausage leaves everything else on the plate, according to fans.

Now the meat masterminds of Bristol butcher, The Jolly Hog, have put them center stage and created a menu dedicated to the item.

The Jolly Hog sells award-winning, British free range and RSPCA guaranteed sausages and bacon – including pigs in blankets – in supermarkets across the UK.

The carefully curated menu offers sweet and savory Christmas classics with a touch of pork. Fans can expect to feast on delicious appetizers and meat-based main courses, such as the “PIB cocktail”, a version of the Shrimp and Dressed Thousand Island dish, PIB Chili Pies, a throwback to the original recipe served in the early Middle Ages, and ‘Festive Fondue’, a baked camembert served with piles of pigs in blankets for dipping.

A restaurant has dedicated an entire menu to festive favorites

The chefs at Pigsty – the Bristol-based Jolly Hog’s restaurant where the menu will be available – have also created a spectacular, shareable Christmas dinner – featuring layers of creamy mash, cranberry-soaked brioche and pigs in blankets.

However, those who want to try the limited-edition menu will have to be quick. The pop-up will only be open for three days – opening from Friday, December 3 through Sunday, December 5, which is also National Cover Pig Day.

Olly Kohn of The Jolly Hog said: “We love to hear how much our customers love our pigs in blankets, and we thought it was about time these pig treats got the attention they deserve at the moment. Christmas is approaching.

“Something so delicious shouldn’t be relegated next to a plate of turkey and sprouts.

“As well as being packed with BIPs, our chefs have ensured that every menu item tastes just like our bangers because our customers are used to getting the best.”

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